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JO LOVES Orange Tulle Fragrance

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This is my absolute favourite of the JO LOVES fragrance collection, but in all honesty, it’s a very close race. The bottle is nestled inside Jo’s signature red and black, matte varnished box, tied at the top with a bow of black, logo emblazoned ribbon. The box is a true luxury to open, coming away with a gentle,vacuumed ‘suck-pop’ motion; the fragrance lid also has the same gorgeous effect. The effect becomes stronger the harder you try to prize either of them open, as if to say “you need to savour it”, maybe I’m reading into it too much?

Jo Loves Orange Tulle A Fragrance Box
Jo Loves Orange Tulle A Fragrance Box 2
Jo Loves Orange Tulle Bottle

For me JO LOVES Orange Tulle is a fabulously modern adaptation of some of the great, citrus based Mediterranean colognes, the Orange flower, Mandarin and Neroli just transport you outside to the greenery and sweetness of a Mediterranean countryside. However with this, I can actually smell the orange flower as if it were right in front of me, so much so it’s as if I were in the baking heat, walking through the shade of one of the orange groves right next to my parent’s house in Valencia, as opposed to a fragrance that is trying to force itself to smell like orange flower. Spraying the fragrance around me reminds me of when the same orange groves are in full bloom and the air becomes tangy and sweet.

Underneath the top notes of orange flower and mandarin, there’s a heart of fresh mint, reminiscent of delicious Moroccan sweet mint tea as well as an interweaving of neroli. The base notes consist petitgrain, extracted form the twigs and leaves of the bitter orange plant and a sultry and seductive musk. Orange Tulle has enormous depth, which I often find lacking in so many other fragrances, consisting of notes that hit you all at once on your first intake of breath. With Orange Tulle however, as you breathe in, you’re pulled further and further inside.

I have it on good authority (Jo) that the ancillaries for Orange Tulle are her absolute favourites and I believe they’ll be launching sometime this year. I cannot wait. You can discover JO LOVES Orange Tulle in two sizes, 30ml and 100ml, priced at £45 and £95 respectively direct from the JO LOVES website.

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