Jo Loves Shards of Cedar & Red Thyme

I find Jo Loves fragrances very hit and miss; they can be a complex concoction of sophistication and nuance, or, they can be a bit lazy and two-dimensional – not quite shaking off their 90’s heritage. Jo Loves Shards of Cedar & Red Thyme falls pretty much into the former yet still would by worn by a man hanging off the arm of Edina Monsoon before being scared away by the formidable Patsy Stone.

JO LOVES Orange Tulle Fragrance

This is my absolute favourite of the JO LOVES fragrance collection, but in all honesty, it’s a very close race. The bottle is nestled inside Jo’s signature red and black, matte varnished box, tied at the top with a bow of black, logo emblazoned ribbon. The box is a true luxury to open, coming away with a gentle,vacuumed ‘suck-pop’ motion; the fragrance lid also has the same gorgeous effect. The effect becomes stronger the harder you try to prize either of them open, as if to say “you need to savour it”, maybe I’m reading into it too much?

When Thom Met Jo: An Interview with Jo Malone

As we sat drinking our tea and coffee, Jo shared with me how she’d come to the decision that it was finally time to sell Jo Malone London and how she was ready to move on, “I was at the opening of a Jo Malone London store at Madison Avenue in New York, and my heart just wasn’t in it.” In fact, Jo hasn’t been working with the Jo Malone London brand for 6 years now, not that Estée Lauder would particularly want you to know this of course. Jo also shared that it’s still difficult seeing her name on new products that have absolutely nothing to do with her anymore.

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