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ghd Copper Luxe for Christmas 2016


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Knowing I would be reviewing this, I wasn’t sure which route to take. Whether to do a hair feature of styles, or talk about upgrading your kit etc. But once I opened the box and got hold of this new collection, I knew instantly that it needed to be a look at the pure craftsmanship, look and feel of the products – they’re really something to behold and even after almost 10 years in the business, I was genuinely taken aback at the sight of them.

This Christmas sees the launch of the limited edition Copper Luxe collection from ghd. The collection includes the ghd V Styler, the Air Dryer and flight hairdryer – there are other gifts in the set, but it’s only these that have a custom copper design. I’ve been taking a look at the Styler and the Air Dryer.


The ghd V styler uses the ghd advanced ceramic heat technology with contoured floating plates and a round barrel to give you ease of movement and smooth style. Regardless of the mountain of other styling brands out there, I’ve used ghds since straighteners rose to popularity around 2004/2005. As my hair has gotten longer and always retains its natural kink, I’ve recently started using them religiously again – my trusty thin mini-stylers. As you can see, capturing their beauty in the photos I took was easy – really easy. They have a brushed, matte finish with gorgeous details and accents in all the right places.

ghd Gold V Limited Edition Hair Styler Gift Set, Copper Luxe. £135. John Lewis.

The plates sparkle with copper effect particles and the power button is a high-shine gloss copper plastic. And although the perfect weight to use, they have a heft to them – they don’t feel plastic-y or cheap.

I wrote about the ghd Air years back when it launched in 2012, you can read my review here and styling piece here.

I have been using the ghd Air every single day for over 4 years, travelling with it all over the world. I can’t imagine the number of hours use I’ve had out of it. It only packed in very recently when, by accident, I wasn’t looking, a towel had fallen over it on the floor as I then stood down with my full weight and cracked the whole thing open. Gutted is not even the word!

But with 4 years of daily use, until a daft lummox broke it, I can only imagine how long it’d have kept going. They’re clearly built to last.


The rear vent is copper coloured metal that in 4 years I never had to remove (which you can, easily) and clean the inside. The button is a shiny, copper gloss with separate and well placed heat and speed switches – you will never switch these by accident like I’ve found when testing some other dryers.


It’s has 2,100 Watt AC motor at 240v that delivers concentrated power rather than a blustery mess of air. I know it’s only a piece of plastic, but the accompanying concentrator is the best I’ve ever used.

ghd Air® Limited Edition Hair Dryer, Copper Luxe. £99.95. John Lewis.

I feel stupid saying this but with the Air, you don’t always need the stylers as using a good brush and blow-dry lotion, you can get as damn close to straight as imaginable. Also its instant cold feature sets hairspray and styling product like a dream. Finally it has a 3m plug that feels like you can walk for miles with!

This actual set of both the ghd V Styler and ghd Air Copper Luxe is currently out of stock, but both as well as the travel dryer are all available as separate gifts here from John Lewis.

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