Francis Kurkdjian APOM Pour Homme

Inspired by Francis’ journey to the Lebanon, this addictive creation is composed of only three notes. Francis Kurkdjian APOM Pour Homme is divine.


Francis Kurkdijan APOM Pour Homme 3

Francis Kurkdijan APOM Pour Homme 6

African orange blossom, amber and cedar is all you’re going to find here, yet its utter simplicity has been woven into something quite complex. There is a ‘Pour Femme’ counterpart to this scent that switches up amber for a lighter and more floral ylang-ylang.

Teeming with an almost lighted incense, Francis Kurkdjian Apom Pour Homme brings me to an old trinket shop, selling wooden boxes, baskets and beautiful knickknacks or beautifully aged, second-hand furniture hidden away in an old bazaar located somewhere on the continent. It’s uplifted with a delicate interweaving of orange blossom, but it’a a little deeper and more honied than you might normally expect from orange blossom.

There is something truly special about this fragrance and despite being launched in 2009, I see it fit only to compare it to well established classics, Allure et al. I don’t think this could be my signature scent, as I like something that’s very far out there hence why the privilege is reserved for Francis’ Pour Le Soir, but it’s definitely something I’ve worn during the day that makes a statement. Classically understated, something for work rather than play.

Stepping into Spring, and then if we’re lucky, eventually into Summer, you quite simply need this in your collection. APOM commands respect, stimulates intrigue and as you spray you’ll suddenly think to yourself, “This fragrance has become A Part Of Me [APOM].” At £115, this will last you an age as you only need one or two pulses. You can pick it up here, direct from Liberty’s.

Posted at 02:10 March 14, 2013

Your review makes me want to revisit APOM again, and see if my perception of it changes. My favorite MFK by far is Lumiere Noire pour homme, though I only use it for special occassions.

This summer, I indulge on AG Eau d’Hadrien.

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