Francis Kurkdjian Incense Papers


Such a beautiful thing from the House of Francis Kurkdjian. These incense papers are lightly and delicately laced with Francis’ stunning APOM, Lumière Noire and Aqua Universalis fragrances.

If like myself, you’ve never heard of incense papers before now, you’re in for a treat. They burn in a very similar fashion, although much quicker, but don’t have that strong pungent ‘incense’ fragrance which can often leave soft furnishings fragrance stained. You don’t always want your lounge to smell like a hippy comune.


The incense paper boxes are long and thin and work like a match box, which funnily enough is the first thing you’re presented with as you slide the package open. In one third of the packet there are a set of small, white tipped matches and the rest is occupied by a crisp, frosted, plastic sleeve, covering the incense papers themselves.


So how do they work? Each paper is gently cerated 5 times so that the paper can fold in a zig-zag shape into a square. With it folded together, light the corner and place on a stable, rimmed holder and let it do its thing. I’ve found an upturned, metal, Jo Malone Candle Lid was the best for me. If you don’t wish to burn them, Francis also recommends to pop them in your luggage like linen papers, to gently fragrance your clothes.


So the fragrances. I was lucky enough to try both APOM and Lumière Noire, two stunning scents. Lumière Noire has beautiful notes of Rose, Patchouli, Artemisia, Cinnamon and Caraway whilst APOM (my favourite) has deeply mystifying notes of African Orange Flower, Amber and Virginia Cedar.

For more information on these incense papers as well as the rest of the Francis Kurkdijan house, visit the website here. If you’ve used Francis Kurkdjian products in the past and have any select favourites, then I’d love to hear about them so make sure to drop me a comment below.

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