Atelier Des Ors Lune Féline

Launching… today! In fact I was gagged from last week until 10am this morning to which I certainly won’t be making a cheap joke about. Where has Atelier Des Ors been in my life? I’m in love.

Atelier Des Ors Lune Féline is an evening fragrance of oriental vanillas, musks and dark animalistic notes. It’s serving gourmet in a bottle with suspended gold leaf that, on occasion, crushes in the atomiser and sprays very, very subtly and gently (you won’t glitter or sparkle, I assure you).

From the description above, you might worry that during the evening, as you get warmer, you’re going to ooze Lune Féline from every pore in a cloud of heady vanillas. But you’d be wrong! The initial throw is prominent, if not a little TCP, but the dry down is just magnificent; mouth watering even!

It lasts, but not as long as I’d probably like, as I do love a fragrance that keeps on keeping on, holding those around me hostage and beating down their comparatively shitty competition (I think I have issues?).

The actual notes of Atelier Des Ors Lune Féline is a top of Cinnamon, Cardamon and Pink Pepper. A heart of Green Notes, Cedarwood, Ambre Gris, Styrax and precious Woods. Finally a base of Tahitian Vanilla, Peru Balsam and Musk.

Needless to say, I’m in love with Lune Féline. It’s sweet and sassy but deep and dirty with an almost metallic/cobalt vein running through, therefore retaining its masculinity. If you’re after something for the evening, then this is the ticket.

Atelier Des Ors Lune Féline is £225 and available exclusively from Harrods starting today (29th April 2015).


Posted at 16:14 April 29, 2015
The Kentucky Gent

That’s one thing I dislike about LUSH fragrances – they NEVER seem to quite have the staying power I’d like. But then again, that’s one of the main issues I have with fragrance in general.

Josh – The Kentucky Gent

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