Clarins UV Plus HP Day Screen High Protection SPF40

I’m a bit of a Sunscreen fascist to say the least. We really need to be wearing it all the time because whenever there’s natural light, there’s UVA and UVB, not just when it’s ‘sunny’ and where there’s UVA/UVB there’s sun damage.

In brief, sun damage kills. UVA risks the DNA in our basal cells being incorrectly re-written and UVB burns, boils and cooks us alive. This can ultimately lead to melanomas which are not 100% curable. The biggest problem here is, many of the awful and life-destroying side-effects could have been prevented with proper use of sun-screen and controlled sun-exposure.

The Clarins UV Plus HP Day Screen High Protection SPF40 is a fab little product that delivers an SPF40 in a lightweight, oil free, 100% mineral lotion with a pink tint to brighten the skin, leaving you looking bright, feeling fresh and being completely protected. You need only apply a small amount, patting it on with your finger tips all over the face and eye area.

As well as the sunscreen, it contains Cantaloupe Melon Extract organically farmed in Provence – a powerful anti-oxidant that keeps all those nasty little free-radicals stable and harmless.

SPF 40 will give you about 10 hours of sun protection. There’s a way to work this out, which answers why an SPF40 in some countries is actually stronger than in others. In the UK during summer, your skin can be in the sun for 15 minutes before it starts to burn, in other countries this time can be significantly reduced. So for the UK, take the number 15, and multiply it by the SPF number which in this case is 40, equalling 600. 600 is the number of minutes you can now be in the sun before you burn so dividing that into hours is 10 hours. This doesn’t account for your product wearing off or washing away, but is a general rough guide you can follow.

You can pick Clarins UV Plus HP Day Screen High Protection SPF40 here, direct from Clarins. If you’ve also tried this and loved it, I’d love to hear about it so drop me a comment.

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