Lush Grease Lightning Spot Treatment

A fantastic anti-blemish gel that can be used either as a spot-on treatment, or as a lightweight, bacteria killing serum. I’ve been using this since it’s launch a couple of years ago. I’ve always been highly blemish prone and instead of either denying it or just letting it happen, I’ve been able to effectively manage it with this being part of my armoury.

LUSH Grease Lightening Spot Treatment 2

In a base of soothing and calming aloe vera gel, this doesn’t feel like a regular spot gel. It’s packed full of natural ingredients such as thyme, rosemary and tea tree infusion, sea water, grape juice, carrageenan extract, lavender oil and witch hazel extract.

Because of it’s natural aloe gel base, it comes out a little gloopy. It immediately sinks into the skin and feels a touch sticky for just a moment, again, as this is what natural aloe gel does but this disappears in seconds. It can reduce the redness of a blemish in minutes and I find it’s perfect for the little deeps ones that crop up from time to time. However I use it as a night-time serum, applied lightly across my t-zone underneath my night cream. This application method really seems to prevent spots from appearing in the first place, but it’s also great for anyone that’s suffering with blemishes on a more permanent basis.

I love this and at just £5.95 per bottle, it’s a really great price for such a fantastically natural and effective product!

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