Choosing the perfect sun care texture with Clarins

As the weather is getting hotter, it’s time to pay more attention to protecting your skin, even from the British sun! Clarins has 4 great options, each with its own unique texture so you can find the one you love. All of Clarins Sun Care products have both UVA and UVB protection.

Sun Care Tips


These rays penetrate the skin deeper and cut through your skins support structure, this creates the lines and wrinkles we commonly associate with ageing.

UVB Burn

These burn the skin, and cause it to go into a sudden repair cycle. When we tan, we are basically destroying a whole load of skin cells, and, as I said before, the skin sends colour to the surface to try and protect itself. The darker you go, the more damage you are doing.

How to Calculate your SPF

  • You can be in the sun for around 15 minutes before the skin begins to become damaged.
  • Therefore, take the SPF number, for example, SPF25, and multiply that by the 15 minutes. = 375 minutes (around 6 and a half hours)
  • This means that you can be in the sun for around 6 and a half hours and still remain adequately protected (although in high sun, you should really not be in that long in one go).
  • After you’ve had that exposure time though, that’s it, get inside, as reapplication will do nothing, your skin has had it’s fill for the day and can take no more exposure.

Richest: Clarins Sun Care Cream Comfort

This is the richest of the 4 but don’t mistake richness for greasiness – it sinks into the skin almost immediately and feels incredible. The Clarins Sun Care Cream comes in SPF30 and SPF20. It’s water resistant but like any sun cream, not waterproof (the ones that promise they are, aren’t and aren’t good for the skin!).

Clarins Phyto-Sunactyl 2 complex provides protection with extracts of Senna, Olive, Pea, Plane Tree and Baobab. There’s also skin soothing Aloe Vera extract. It also has that gorgeous gentle Clarins aromatherapy scent.

Clarins Sun Care Soothing Cream Moderate Protection UVB20. John Lewis. £18.90.

Rich: Clarins Sun Care Milk-Lotion Spray

This comes in SPF20 and SPF50+ formulations. Although lighter than the cream, I do find this a little stickier but offset that against the convenience of a spray then you’re onto a winner. The stickiness does disappear after 30 seconds or so. Again with the Clarins Phyto-Sunactyl 2 complex with extracts of Senna, Olive, Pea, Plane Tree and Baobab. Sweat and water resistant.

Clarins New Sun Care Milk-Lotion Spray Very High Protection UVB 50+. John Lewis. £18.

Light: Clarins Sun Care Oil Spray

The smell, OMG the smell. It’s like nectar and flowers. Can be used on body and hair (great to stop colours fading) with extracts of extracts of gold cob, sycamore and aloe. Although an oil, it sinks in without a trace. I used this on my holiday last year to Spain and found it worked best when getting out of the shower, applying it to slightly damp skin and massaging in. Then through the day, I’d top it up with some cream. Your skin will feel amazing!

Clarins Sun Care Oil Spray UVB 30. John Lewis. £18

Lightest: NEW Clarins Sun Care Oil-Free Spray

With the same amazing fragrance as the oil-spray, this has all the benefits but without any oil. Clarins say this is perfect for outdoor sports and is extremely speedy to apply, requiring no working in! Also unlike the oil-spray, it contains the complete Phyto-Sunactyl 2 complex with extracts of Senna, Olive, Pea, Plane Tree and Baobab.


Clarins Sun Care Spray Oil-Free Lotion UVB 15. John Lewis. £18

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