Clinique Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturiser

Having been using Clinique Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturiser since its launch in September 2011, it has become my absolute favourite night cream. I originally reviewed it after its launch but wanted to look at it again now that I’ve been using it for such a long time.

Clinique Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturizer 2

Dullness is one of the UK’s top 10 beauty and skincare concerns, being an obvious sign of stress, exhaustion and being generally run down as well as over-exposure and lack of adequate protection to the sun. So the remarkably, clever boffins at Clinique decided to create something truly magnificent! Clinique Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturiser. It’s designed to improve the radiance and clarity of the skin by the next morning and over time, leaving you with softer, smoother bright skin.

I originally felt the ‘next morning’ claims were ridiculous and outlandish; surely no moisturiser could give noticeably visible differences that quickly? Well they can. After my first use all that time ago, the next morning was a huge surprise as my skin looked smoother, brighter and more radiant.

Apply it by taking a small amount from the pot and warm it gently between the forefingers, then press all over the face. This application method allows the product to sink in more effectively and helps prevent it from simply sitting on the surface.

Over the 16 or so months I’ve been using it, it’s really improved my skins ability to retain moisture due to the increase of skin cell turnover. By the next morning, every morning, my skin feels fantastic. It also helps to prevent those blasted under-skin spots that can appear from time to time.

There are some brilliant ingredients in there, including my old favourite, Salicylic Acid, as well as Acetyl Glucosamine (Exfoliates), Chestnut extract (Exfoliates), Trehalose (Hydrates) and Hydroxyethyl Urea (Hydrates), to name a few.

If you’re after a night moisturiser, that’s powerful, effective but not thick and mask-like, then this is your answer. Winner of the Red Best of Beauty Award 2012, it’s available here, direct from Clinique.

Posted at 20:36 March 21, 2013
Bare Faced Chic

I have used this before I went more natural in my skincare and I do agree, it’s a great product! My only advice would be to start using it every other night for a week or so to let your skin get used to it if you don’t use anything with salicylic acid in or your skin can be slightly sensitive. Just lets your skin get used to the active ingredients and adjust a bit!

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