Caravan Fragrancias en Supermercados Condis

Caravan Fragrancias en Supermercados Condis

You may be thinking, ‘What the hell is that?’. Well, this is a new line of fragrances being stocked by Spanish Supermarket Condis. The packaging is nothing special, and at €9.95, it’s hardly a luxury price tag. Well, what drew me to the stand is that they’re luxury fragrance copies, but really good ones. I have no idea how the hell they’ve gotten away with this, and I don’t know how long they’ll be around for, but you have to try them if you get the opportunity. They have things like the women’s Chanel No. 5 (it actually says that on the shelf label but NOT on the bottle), but then men’s fragrances such as Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male, Chanel Allure Sport and the one in the picture that I couldn’t resist, A*Men by Thierry Mugler.

From reading their website, they appear to actually brew the fragrances themselves from scratch, so they smell like them, but as long as they don’t market them as the real deal, they’re going to pull it off.

They are amazing copies and after wearing it for a couple of hours, the fragrance hasn’t changed, soured or worn off and I stress again, they’re €9.95 which at today’s exchange rate of €1.23 to £1 is £8.10.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 21:32 October 21, 2016
Valerie Walsh

I would like to buy no 36 flower kenzo thank you

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