Bust that bushy mono-brow madness with Sweetease

These facial waxing strips by Sweetease are just fantastic and such great value; plus, when your eyebrows grow like wildfire (points to self) they’re the perfect grooming tool to keep those bushes pruned.

The Neanderthal Man

Monobrows are not sexy and if you’ve never given it a second thought, go and look in the mirror. See it? Yep, where it joins up in the middle does two things: firstly it makes you look backwards and slightly psychotic.

Secondly,it completely lowers your brow-line making you look frowny, grumpy and miserable; unless of course you are frowny, grumpy and miserable in which case you have better things to be worrying about.

The Pruned Pranny

On the flip-side, it’s all about moderation and overly groomed eyebrows are ridiculous; you need a balance. The over-groomed brow offends me more than the under-groomed brow; not caring is worse than being delusional. Remember Alex Mills from the apprentice last year?

Follow that guide above and you can’t go wrong, you won’t look like a n Neanderthal nor will you look like Mr. Spock. Nostril to the inner-corner of the eye, then nostril to the outer-corner of the eye.

Sweetly does it

Sweetease make this process endlessly easier and take most of the legwork out of the whole thing. Also they smell like vanilla and cost only £3.99 for 16 strips; they’re the best!

I’ll start by saying it’s important to concentrate underneath the eyebrow with your hair removal rather than on top; define your arch and ‘lift’ your face rather than dragging it down from above.

Use the Sweetease strips only above the brow rather than on the eye; else you might rip your eye-lid off and we don’t want that, do we?


Warm the 2 joined strips together in your palms before separating them.

I then find it best to fold the strip back to where the wax starts so you know exactly where you’re going with it. Else it’s like pin the tail on the donkey with calamitous results and you end up having to fill yourself in with brow pencil for several weeks; I’ve been there, honestly.

Don’t place the strip too close to the brow as you’ll create an overly-defined line. The trick is to catch all those little bush hairs that can go up to the hairline but also hang at the top of the nose in the monobrow-zone.

Place the strip onto the skin and smooth it down; then pull the skin taught and rip off in the opposite direction of the hair growth – this will ensure it all comes away cleanly, easily and with minimal trauma to the skin.

Make sure to use the oil-wipe immediately afterwards to calm it down. Also, I use a cheap pre-wax cleansing gel before hand to get rid of oil and cleanse the skin making waxing much, much easier; it’s Sally’s own brand and only costs a fiver (you get half a litre).

Precision is key

Then let the tidying commence. Use a magnified mirror to do the legwork but keep pulling away every-so-often and look in a normal mirror to check you’re not going mental with it.

Make sure you use a good, sharp pair of Tweezers such as Tweezerman (who offer a free sharpening service!).

Finally, try not to make the brow totally defined and leave some random hairs to fluff them out a bit; men have naturally fluffy eyebrows and should never be totally groomed else you’ll look like a flouncing nonce (I’m allowed to say that, I speak for my people).

Posted at 13:20 March 18, 2016
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