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Fornasetti Profumi Giardino Segreto Candle

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If you’ve ever watched Pam Ann,  you might remember her demonstrating how British Airways cabin crew can tell you to ‘f***k off’ with just one flash of their eyes, it’s just a single look. I’m 99% certain that the owls adorning the Fornasetti Profumi Giardino Segreto Candle are doing just that.

I have a love affair with Fornasetti Profumi. Not only are their fabulously bijou collection of fragrances completely unerring, but the vessels in which they are housed are to be cherished for years to come – they’re honestly something I can see me passing down one day but quite literally over my dead body.

Fornasetti Profumi Giardino Segreto is just as it’s name suggests, the Secret Garden, inspired by all that’s wondrous of an Italian secret garden with crisp and fresh ivy, cypress, cedarwood, maquis and thyme against cool walls and strong balustrades of stone with vetiver and cistus labdanum resin.

The artwork is humorous to say the least as there’s always a prominent vein of, not sarcasm, but mischievousness running through the Fornasetti designs. Those owls are definitely up to something and just like they do in nature, I’d better sleep with one eye open.

It’s throw is moderate and won’t intrude but you as you enter and re-enter a room, you’re greeted with an overwhelming sense of, as Hyacinth Bucket (it’s pronounced Bouquet) refers to it as, “bringing the outdoors in”. It’s like a dream, a fresh morning walking through a country garden and those green notes are just sublime.

There’s 60 hours burn time and the candles are all hand-poured right here in the UK. It’s also good to mention that Fornasetti Profumi candles burn exceedingly evenly and I’ve not had one ‘tunnel’ on me yet – just make sure to keep the wick nicely trimmed and allow it to burn to the edge each time.

A slightly different design with the same scent is available for £99 here from Liberty London or the same design in a large, 3 wick candle with 240 hours burn time, is available for £380 here also from Liberty London.

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