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TOM FORD for Men Skincare and Grooming NEW Brow Gel, Shave Oil and Exfoliator

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This was a very pleasant surprise. I had the TOM FORD Men Skincare and Grooming exclusive when it first launched back in 2013. Since then there has been the addition of the Beard Oils but these are the first releases that are suitable for everyone.

The new additions to the Skincare and Grooming collection are: TOM FORD for Men Brow Gelcomb; the TOM FORD for Men Shave Oil and finally the TOM FORD for Men Exfoliator.

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The collection additions will be available online and in-store from 1st June 2016. The existing TOM FORD Skincare and Grooming collection is available here (currently 10% off) from John Lewis.

TOM FORD for Men Brow Gelcomb

This is a very different take on the classic brow gel which are usually very simple, clear gels on the end of a mascara wand. The TOM FORD for Men Brow Gelcomb is quite a thick, blackened gel that not only holds brows in place, but volumises and thickens them whilst making them darker and a little more defined.

TOM FORD for Men Brow Gelcomb

It’s not black-black, but definitely darkening. I’ll be honest, and this isn’t specific to TOM FORD at all, but I’m not the biggest brow-gel fan for me personally – when your brows are as ginormous as mine, you can always feel it and the last thing they need is definition.

TOM FORD for Men Brow Gelcomb

However, if you’re wanting a to make brows more defined without resorting to makeup; this is your ticket! Below is the right with brow gel and the left without – you can definitely see a difference.

TOM FORD for Men Brow Gelcomb
Left Eyebrow without Tom Ford Men Brow Gelcomb and Right with – noticeable more groomed but doesn’t feel or look heavy.

TOM FORD for Men Shave Oil

This is very different for a shave oil. It starts out of the tube almost like a gel which immediately melts into a non-greasy oil that gets into every nook and cranny of the shaving area.

TOM FORD for Men Shave Oil

My razor glides over it very smoothly with a touch of water and being 100% transparent means you can see everything you’re doing. It has that beautiful blend of essential oils and fragrance used in all the TOM FORD grooming products.

TOM FORD for Men Shave Oil

TOM FORD for Men Exfoliator

This smells unbelievable. I love a good exfoliator and this one has clearly been well researched in both the formulation as well as the texture us guys are looking for.

It is a slightly orange-tinged gel that doesn’t foam at all but allows you to easily work it into the skin. There are different sized exfoliating grains that go right down to a very sandy texture. This is a powerful scrub!

It can be applied to the skin dry (be careful) damp or wet; it’s really designed to suit your grooming rituals and habits rather than having to adapt to theirs.

Once again, the TOM FORD Skincare and Grooming collection additions will be available online and in-store from 1st June 2016. The existing TOM FORD Skincare and Grooming collection is available here from John Lewis currently with 10% off.