Buly 1803 Scented Matches

Scented matches are always fabulous, and these, designed for both candle lighting and bathroom deodorizing, are made of tender woods and soaked in beautiful fragrance. Before even striking the matches, opening a box gives you a sudden burst of delicious fine fragrance.

Once lit, they burn slowly and give you plenty of time to light swathes of candles before going out. Once blown out, the stunning scents of the wood and fragrance linger leaving any room smelling gorgeous.

Buly 1803 Scented Matches. 15EUR. Buly Website

Buly 1803 scented matches are available in:


Lemon, blackcurrants, green, mint , ginger, vanilla and moss

Retoure D’Egypte

Bergamote, pink berry, fruits, hawthorne, jasmine, wood, nutmeg, amber, vanilla, musk and cistus labdanum.


Aldehyde, juniper, pine, incense. cedar, honey

Campagne D’Italie

Grapefruit, bergamot, nutmeg, patchouli, oak, cedar, tonka, santalwood and vanilla

Généraux d’Empire

Rose petals, Rosemary, blackcurrants, rose, peppermint, violet, verbena, cedar, patchouli, vetiver and musk


Posted at 09:27 January 4, 2017
lee ryan

I purchased a box of these along with some flavored toothpaste
I found the matches to be utterly useless. They smell of sulphur as all matches do so do not waste your money. The toothpaste is ok but the marvel flavoured toothpaste is miles better and far cheaper. All in all a compleate disapointemnt

Posted at 17:37 December 21, 2016
Andrew James (Beauty and The Boy)

I have never heard of scented matches before this is such a smart idea! i love it

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