Welcoming BULY 1803 to the UK and Buly Huile de Savon Scottish Lichen

From wife and husband duo, Victoire de Taillac and Ramdane Touhami, Buly 1803 has been given new life from its famous and historical 19th century roots.


Ramdane has had an illustrious career as an entrepreneur and art director with brands such as Le Bon Marché, Liberty, Cire Trudon. Victoire is an equal force majeure as a cosmetics expert and expert on the history of beauty in femininity; co founder of Parfumerie Générale and Corpus Magazine.

The brand has just launched in the UK, most prominently through Net-A-Porter although only with a limited selection at current. Their full offering features a multitude of brushes, tools, oils, creams and lotions which can all be found here.

Buly Huile de Savon

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been obsessed with the Buly Huile De Savon. A body cleasner that has the power of a soap, but the hydrating delicacy of a body oil. It foams, but only a little and leaves your skin immaculately cleansed with no loss of hydration.

Scottish Lichen

The scent of Buly Huile de Savon I’ve been using is the extraordinary delicate and apothecary-esque scent of Scottish Lichen described by Buly as:

The scent of the upright stones of Hyperborea, dotted with the lichens’ reddish-brown froth. The tartness of the cold grass fur on the hills’ shoulders, the mosses frosted with dew – the pollens sticking to the belly of dawn are left out to dry in the salty wind from the Hebrides.

Buly Huile De Savon. €40. Buly.

Buly Huile De Savon. €40. Buly.

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