Biotherm Age Fitness Night Recharge

Biotherm Age Fitness Night Swatch

For most guys, myself not included, we don’t need a moisturiser or at least we don’t feel we need one. Often, when you’ve spent your whole life not using a moisturiser and treating your skin like crap, you bully and force your oils and moisture levels into balance.

So what about a treatment product for all skin types, that isn’t a rich cream or a sticky gel that can deliver effective and targeted anti-ageing benefits – Biotherm Homme Age Fitness Night Treatment to the rescue. This 100% oil-free treatment uses olive leaf extract to strengthen surface skin cells whilst thermal plankton helps to boost skin cell regeneration whilst smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.

It’s a lightweight gel texture that sinks in and disappears, literally, nothing is left on the skin. By the morning skin feels toned, smoother and looks a little brighter after just one use; after a week or so I was really starting to see big differences, particularly after getting over this nasty cold which always takes its toll out on my face. Also, 1 pump is plenty! Simply pump into your finger ends and press into the skin.

Biotherm Homme Age Fitness Night Treatment is a great treatment to throw into your daily regime and make it suitable for the night time too. It’s available here for £36.77 from Boots.

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