NeoSTEM Serum for Dry Skin

The ultimate anti-ageing serum created by the same lab that researches treatments and a cure for progeria, the premature ageing condition. This serum delivers the same results as the original NeoSTEM Anti-Accelerated Ageing Serum (read the review here).

So, NeoStem is a direct result of the bio-medical research into Progeria, a genetic mutation that causes rapid cellular ageing. It’s a condition from birth and unfortunately the children who live it will rarely make it into their twenties, most often passing away during their teens. There are an estimated 200-250 people living with progeria at any one time. To find out more about Progeria, I can point you to the website of Hayley Okines, a girl who is using her time to raise awareness and money for the condition.

This serum is hydrating, nourishing and most of all, effective. If you have concerns with ageing then this should be one of the first places you start. NeoSTEM Serum for Dy Skin is available here for £59 from Marks & Spencer.

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