Biotherm Aqua Power D Sensitive

Advertised as Biotherm’s first moisturiser for sensitive skin, I think they may have struck gold with Biotherm Aqua Power D Sensitive.

Commonly when attempting to provide for sensitive skin, many companies tend to think that goes hand in hand with dryness as well, and have a habit of producing overly rich, oil-based creams and balms. This moisturiser however, unless I’m gravely mistaken, is oil free whilst being fragrance free as well.

It’s been designed to reduce redness and sensitivity, as well as comfort and fully hydrate using Plankton extracts and Calcium minerals.

The moisturiser feels amazing on contact, sinking in fantastically, leaving my skin feeling very cool, fresh and hydrated. After a few hours of use your skin still feels comforted with no shine whatsoever, although you may require a top-up in these very harsh winter winds were getting at the moment, but no more so that you would with any other moisturiser.

I’m a huge fan of this product already and with this being the first time I’ve ever come into contact with Biotherm, I have to say I’m amazingly impressed. The British website doesn’t advertise the full range as of yet, as there is a wash and shaving foam to match according to the US site, but I imagine they’re on their way.

Biotherm Aquapower D-Sensitive Daily Moisturising Soothing and Fortifying Care £27/75ml at Boots, so bonus points ahoy!

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