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Aveda Energising Composition

Aveda Energising Composition 11

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Definitely Aveda’s all-in-one product. This is designed perfectly for body, hair and scalp for both massage and/or moisturisation. I’ll be honest and say I’m relatively unfamiliar when it comes to cosmetic oils of any sort so this has definitely been a good introduction.



Simply massaging it into my hair and scalp 5-10 minutes before jumping in the shower. My hair isn’t long but it’s not short either, my fringe touches my nose so I apply this into scalp by parting my hair on either side and then down the middle, applying a generous amount of product direct from the bottle. Then get massaging in wonderful and relaxing circular motions being firm with the pressure. It’s easily rinsed out with shampoo, add in your condition and after drying, my gosh, hair is silky smooth and scalp is left nourished, hydrated and totally flake free.

On the body, smooth a few drops into the skin just after hopping out the shower. It’s completely non-greasy and your skin feels fantastic, better yet, you’ll smell great!

The smell is incredible and exactly what you’d expect from an Aveda product; it’s relaxing and very masculine. Aveda Energising Composition is composed of organic sunflower oil, organic green coffee seed oil, vitamin E and a blend of essential oils including lavender, ylang ylang and sweet orange. Sunflower oil is extremely nourishing but non-blocking; the coffee seed oil is high in caffeine, a powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient to calm the skin; Vitamin E protects the skin and one of the best loved anti-oxidants and the blend of essential oils are both anti-inflammatory and conditioning.

My top tip is, as you begin to massage the product into the hair, scalp or body, put your hands together in front of your nose and take three deep breaths. You will be gobsmacked how immediately you relax!

I’d definitely recommend having this in your bathroom, you’ll love it and it will get used frequently. Also, a bottle will last forever as a little seems to go a long, long way. You can pick it up for £20, here direct from Aveda, check it out.

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