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New approach to sun care for 2015 by RMK

New approach to sun care for 2015 by RMK

This April has been hot and has already featured one of the hottest days we’ve seen in a long time. Although I’ve managed to get bitten on my forehead and nose by bastard little winged bitey things; I have managed to prevent being burned, all thanks to RMK.

Those not familiar with RMK, they’re a Japanese skincare brand specialising in innovative approaches to skin treatment. I’ve always had an admiration for the brand, especially as a good chunk of my undergraduate degree was in Japanese language and linguistics!

RMK Cleansing Oil £29

The reason RMK products are so great for guys is that they’re predominantly focused on more stereotypical Asian skin types  – oily and blemish prone. Therefore, even when words like oil and balm are used, you don’t have to clench your bum in fear.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe RMK Cleansing Oil works amazingly well as part of a double cleanse. Apply with the fingertips onto dry skin; massage in then rinse off with warm water. I find it best to apply before getting in the shower! Then I’ll use my regular gel cleanser to complete the double cleanse.

Formulated with orange oil to break down surface dead skin cells; carrot oil to soften the skin; then both apricot and almond oil to hydrate and moisturise, neither of which will clog or congest the skin.

RMK Cleansing Oil Sun Care Benefits

Not only does sun exposure cause damage to the skin, causing it to become more sensitive but it also thickens the upper layer as the skin desperately tries to protect the damage being done to it.

Using the RMK cleansing oil helps to gently and calmly break down this abundance of surface dead skin cells whilst calming the damage done. It’s soothing but effective!

RMK Skintuner Smoother Moist £32

A gently exfoliating moitsturiser. Yep, you heard me right. The RMK Skintuner Smoother Moist is a hydrating water moisturiser lotion (totally feels as though I’m just throwing random words out here) that sinks into the skin, using natural plant and fruit extracts to dissolve the bonds of surface dead skin cells whilst delivering lightweight, non-greasy moisture. I didn’t take a photo of the texture as it was too difficult, it’s the colour and consistancy of slightly emmulsified water.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI actually didn’t find it enough for my dehydrated (but oil-prone) skin but it’s a fabulous lotion base similar to the Creme de La Mer Treatment Lotion or L’Occitane Divine Lotion. It just depends how dehydrated or oily you are I suppose.

RMK Skintuner Smoother Moist Sun Care Benefits

Again, with sun damage it’s all about gentle chemical exfoliation to make sure skin cells turnover properly and don’t congest the skin. You’ll also find that if you’re after a longer-lasting and deeper tan, chemical exfoliation is key.

RMK UV Face Protector SPF50+ PA+++++ UVA/UVB £25

This has to be one of the best facial SPFs I’ve tried in a long time. Because RMK focus on suspended water hydration rather than lathering the skin with cheap and congesting oils (such as palm or mineral oils) their products sink in well, don’t leave a film on the skin but leave you comforted. You can easily overload your skin with oil, but it’s wildly difficult to ‘over-hydrate‘ it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANot only does the RMK UV Face Protector have high SPF50 UVA + UVB protection (always check for UVB protection) but it also contains soothing ingredients such as Aloe, Cucumber, Chamomile, and Loquat Leaf Extract. It also hydrates the skin, hence why this and the Skintuner might be sufficient when used together, with mineral yeast extract and royal jelly boosted with the brightening powers of liquorice. The texture is so lightweight, you won’t even notice it.

RMK UV Face Protector SPF50 Sun Care Benefits

Well, yeah.

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