Refreshing Summer Skin Care from Aesop

I get asked a lot about Aesop, a lot, and I have to be blunt when I say that from a consumer’s point of view, they’re hugely impenetrable brand. Even doing what I do and doing it for so long, it’s hard to know where to start.

All their products have weird and wonderful names, they’re all in the same, albeit gorgeous, packaging and Aesop as a brand aren’t always the best at relaying their product information; not without quoting from Oscar Wilde or some late 15th century philosopher who lived on a toadstool somewhere in the Philippines who only ate string for dinner as a means to cleanse his clarity of mind – this is why I’m always asked so much about Aesop!

So let’s get to it, I’ve put together what I think is the ultimate summer skin care routine, designed for an normal/combination skin type that will leave your skin feeling and looking outstanding. Don’t let their hipster marketing patter cloud your judgement, Aesop products are beyond outstanding and certainly hold their own!


Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser £25

I do love a good facial wash and the Parsley Seed facial cleanser gives a gentle, cleansing lather without leaving the skin feeling dry and dehydrated.

It contains brightening liquorice root, exfoliating lactic acid and conditioning blackcurrant seed as well as calming lavender and hydrating jojoba. Parsley seed itself is a fabulous protective antioxidant that helps protect skin from damaging free-radical atoms.


Tea Tree Leaf Facial Exfoliant £27

This is my travel essential and I reviewed it here in depth a while ago. During summer the upper layers of your skin (epidermis) become thicker due to increased sun exposure; therefore stepping up your exfoliating routine will help to compensate this.

With ground tea tree leaf and walnut shell as well as aloe vera powder; mix this into your cleanser and get to work concentrating around your beard area, chin and nose. For travelling the bottle is a bit of a pain as it has a rubber stopper that if knocked, will pop off; so I keep mine in a MUJI travel bottle which is perfect!


B & Tea Balancing Toner £37

I love this and it’s perfect as I tend to become a little spottier during the summer months. With a base of Aloe Leaf Juice, Witch Hazel, Water and skin conditioning Sodium Gluconate; this toner balances the skin’s pH level (although your gentle cleanser shouldn’t have changed it that much) and helps to remove impurities from the skin whilst killing off spot causing bacteria. Just wipe over the whole face with a cotton wool pad or ball making sure to avoid the eye area.


Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Serum £45

Yeah, I was a bit confused at this one too, but until I was shown it and had it explained to me on-counter at Aesop in Selfridges in Manchester, I would have never thought to use this.

Some Aesop moisturiser formulations are a little too heavy for my skin, but this can be used as a hydrating moisturiser which delivers moisture deep into the surface layers of the skin. With hydrating panthenol, calming lavender, anti-ageing and antioxidant grape seed extract and finally the protective antioxidant properties of parsley seed.

It has a weird texture for a serum and this is mainly due to it’s aloe vera base. It’s quite thick and is a little sticky when immediately applied; but within a few moments, it disappears into the skin without a trace, except for the skin being left smooth and plumped. Being totally oil free is what makes this the perfect summer hydrator!

Treat Yourself

Immediate Moisture Facial Hydrosol Spray £17

With Rose Petal, Bergamot Peel, and Chamomile Bud it gives a fabulously cooling, calming and hydrating mist that refreshes the skin at any point throughout the day. If you can, keep this in your cooler or fridge and you’ll thank me!

Sun Protection

I’ve not included the Sage & Zinc Facial Hydrating Cream, which I do have and love, but it simply doesn’t have a high enough SPF for summer (only SPF15). I really recommend finding yourself an SPF that you love, which for me would be the La Mer SPF50 Protecting Fluid or the RMK UV Face Protector SPF50+ PA+++++ UVA/UVB. Make sure to find one that fits your skin type (as one doesn’t fit all) and make sure that it offers both UVA and UVB protection.

NEW Aesop SPF50 Protective Body Lotion

On a side note, the week before last I went to the norther launch of Aesop’s new SPF50 Protective Body Lotion. Below is the YouTube video I posted from that event. Hope you enjoy it!

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