Weleda Wild Rose Soothing Facial Capsules

I am  very anti-naturals and anti-organic etc. My argument has always been that skin produces a highly balanced and ultra-complex cocktail of chemical compounds; therefore the day my skin starts pumping out lavender oil is the day I start applying it and its companions by the bucket load. Being the world’s biggest natural sceptic therefore, you can rest assured that when I recommend Weleda, it’s after incredibly severe and pessimistic scrutiny before coming to my conclusion.

I was first drawn to Weleda as one of my old Spanish lecturers loved the products and used to stock up on her trips to germany. Funnily enough I brought her some back from a study trip to Frankfurt last year. Weleda has literally every product you can think of, designed to naturally (*grumble*) but highly effectively treat a whole number of ailments, conditions and concerns.

Weleda Wild Rose Soothing Facial Capsules are a relatively new addition to the brand, designed to sooth skin and soften fine lines. Now for a natural brand, it pricked my attention that they would claim to attempt to achieve such unnatural results but it’s all in the wording. This will not reduce fine lines and wrinkles, not by any means; but what it will do is deliver effective nutrition to the skin, plumping surface cells, calming irritation and imperfections to deliver an overall softer and spongier skin texture – therefore reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

There’s 30 capsules contained in a little glass pot. Now, years ago when I started working for The Body Shop as a Saturday job, I remember watching, whilst stood with and assisting another customer, a woman who, without chance for me to intervene, took a similar capsule from the Vitamin C range tester pot, threw it down her gob and left. After she’d gone and I had chance to escape the floor, I laughed harder than I ever have done in my entire life; I was crying! I wonder what ever happened to her though? I’m sure she went on to do great things… or she’s dead.

Anyway, back to what I was talking about. Right so, yeah, 30 capsules all contained in a gorgeous blue glass pot. Twist the tiny neck of the capsule, squeeze its silky golden contents into the palm of your hand and apply all over. At least that’s what Weleda instruct you to do. However, if you have a slightly oilier skin type and still want it’s benefits, my top tip is to firstly apply it at night but as mix it with your night cream in the palm of your hand. By doing this you ensure that it penetrates further into the surface layers of the skin but also is far less likely to leave any sort of greasy residue. So, there you go.

I must make a point that this is not a daily treatment and only to be used once to twice a week. Meaning that one pot of Weleda Wild Rose Soothing Facial Capsules can last you over half a year! How amazing is that? I will also point out that this has been featured in endless press and online, receiving such high feedback from pretty much everyone who’s tried it, so you needn’t just take my word for it.

The ingredients sound very sexy, with a base of Rosehip Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Jojoba Seed Oil with essential oils of  Evening Primrose and Peach Kernal. Apart from the naturally occurring additives you see listed from essential oils, that’s it. It couldn’t be any more of a natural product if it tried!

If you’re looking for a gentle and natural way to boost radiance, soften your skin and just give it a bit of a boost without having to add a new step to your regime twice a day, this is your ticket. One pot of 30 Weleda Wild Rose Soothing Facial Capsules costs just £18.95 and is available from Boots.

Posted at 15:18 October 4, 2013
Alison Harriman (@AlisonH_)

I’m a Weleda fan from way back so ner! My fav of their products is the Pomegranate range, especially the body oil. So indulgent and yes Mr Smarty, it does make a difference. Even on my tired old hide.

Mrs H x

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