Below The Belt Grooming for the old Jackson Pollocks

There’s been so much incredible luxury on the blog over the last few weeks, I thought it was high-time to lower the tone! So no better place to start than a grooming range for keeping your man-area fresh and funk-free. There will be prolific use of the word balls here, so you have been warned.

Instant Clean Balls

This is the testicle-version of a cleansing wipe. Apparently all that’s needed before a night out, festivals or bed time is a quick spray of this to instantly refresh your man parts.

Sports Lubricant

This is a great product idea and I’m sure well needed for some. Essentially a very lightweight, solid lubricant that’s fragrance-free for the inside of your legs and yes, balls, to keep things in smooth motion whilst doing sports, gymming and cardio.

Fresh & Dry Balls Cool

Whenever you use an antiperspirant, BTBG suggest using a small amount of this, down there, to keep things all dry, fresh and tingly cool. The gel is a cream-gel texture with a little aloe vera and is essentially a liquid sweat-blocker.

Am I convinced?

Not really. The sports lubricant I like and understand its uses, but the other two, I’m at odds with. We all get a bit warm and muggy down there, but at the very least, a wet wipe will do rather than using almost entirely alcohol-fueled gels and creams around one of the most sensitive areas of your body.

Yes they’ve been dermatological tested, but I’m unsure as to the long-term effects of using these products. Alcohol when used over a prolonged period of time does dry out the skin and I can’t see this being an exception here. I do use Aluminium Starch based deodorants under my arms, and the myth of them being dangerous has blown over, but I’d still never use anything I didn’t have to around the old Jackson Pollocks.

I’ll stick to a gentle shower gel and my E45 lotion thanks.

Posted at 06:22 December 24, 2016

Seems like they’re a good brand, good products as well. I’m thinking to introduce these on my blog. It’s time to take better care of our man parts :)

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