Something for The Weekend aka The Friday Bullet with Murad, Desert Essence and Imedeen

This is the first of my new weekly editorial Something for The Weekend, featuring 3 awesome skin care, grooming and beauty products, in brief, that I’ve been enjoying this week.

Desert Essence Coconut Body Wash

Desert Essence Coconut Body Wash
Desert? More like dessert. This Coconut scented body wash, filled to the brim with natural extracts and ingredients (many certified organic), smells like holidays, sun and fun. It uses coconut derived cleansers rather than harsh artificial surfactants. You need only a small amount with each use; it cleanses without drying out the skin and actually gives a little hydration! What’s more, Desert Essence manufacturing supports wind power and renewable energy.

Desert Essence Coconut Body Wash is available from Amazon UK with free delivery for £9.59.

Murad Blemish Clearing Solution

Murad Blemish Clearing SolutionMurad Blemish Clearing Solution
An anti-blemish fighting serum from Murad designed to refine the skin, kill the spot causing bacteria whilst reducing the redness left by post-spot blemishes and healing the skin. It’s super-lightweight with a watery texture and sinks into the skin ridiculously quickly. Formulated with salicylic acid to break down the bonds of surface dead skin cells that block the pores; anti-bacterial Tea Tree oil to kill the bacteria and a healing mineral and vitamin blend.

Apply it after cleansing but before your moisturiser anywhere that you get spots and blemishes (be sure to avoid the eye area). It’s also pretty hydrating which is odd as most blemish treatment products tend to be quite drying! For more information on how to take care of acne and spot-prone skin, check out my acne, blemish and spot skin concern guide.

Murad Blemish Clearning Solution is available for £39.50 here from John Lewis or available for £39.50 here from Look Fantastic (with free delivery).

Imedeen For Men Man-Age-Ment Skin Supplement

Imedeen For Men Man-Age-Ment Skin Supplement
This is a new one for me and I’ve never really bought into skin supplements. In fact I’ve never really bought into herbal supplements full stop as nine times out of ten you just end up with expensive urine as you pee all the ‘goodness’ away.

I’ve just started taking Imedeen for Men skin supplement this week and will report when I’ve finished the 30 day course (2 tablets a day). The box claims that it “helps improve skin quality and reduces visible signs of ageing” – I’m pretty sceptical to be honest but I’m open to being impressed. The supplement contains a whole host of complexes and ingredients including a Marine Complex, tomato and grape seed extracts, vitamin C and zinc – all designed to support and restore healthy skin function. Let’s see how it goes.

The Imedeen For Men Man-Age-Ment Skin Supplement is available here from for £42.99.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 15:42 June 26, 2015

I’m glad the Murad worked out for you. I had trouble with it back in the day. That Desert Essence though. I LOVE Desert Essence!

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