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Liz Earle For Men Try-Me Kit

liz earle for men try me kit2

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I probably should have done this as my first post on Liz Earle, but better late than never. I’d heard so many things about this company from friends and bloggers alike that I knew it was time to investigate. The funny thing was is that 2 years ago, I spent about 4 months working in John Lewis, Cheadle, right across from a Liz Earle concession.

The range is based on harnessing the power of natural plant actives and creating some beautiful british cosmetics.

I didn’t want to buy the whole lot, as in all honesty, you never know. Luckily, they have a starter kit that contains 4 of the main men’s products: Cleanse and Polish, Sensitive Shave Cream, After-Shaving Moisturiser and the Face and Body Wash.

liz earle for men try me kit 2

I’m not going to talk too much about the Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth cleanser because I consequently bought the full sized product and you can read the full review here. The kit does actually come with one muslin cloth as well.

liz earle for men try me kit 3

The sensitive shave cream is beautiful with grass, eucalyptus and clary sage extract that really does provide for a smooth and clean shave, but that doesn’t leave your skin feeling either greasy or dry afterwards. It comes out as a sort of pearlised cream that really gives great lather and has that beautiful ‘Liz Earle Smell’, plant-y, but not overwhelmingly so.

liz earle for men try me kit 4

The moisturiser has a lovely cream/gel consistency and before I bought the pack, I was assured by the consultant that it was suitable for an oily/combination skin type and wouldn’t overwhelm the skin with oil leaving it spotty. She was right! Make sure it’s applied to freshly and gently cleansed and exfoliated skin so it sinks in more effectively.

liz earle for men try me kit 5

The last item in the kit is the Face and Body Wash. Now, personally I probably wouldn’t use this as a face wash, there are a lot of essential oils and it did leave my skin a little tingly, but that is because I am particularly sensitive.

As a body wash however, it’s superb, it has a gorgeous scent, like a concentrated version of the fragrance of the others. It lathers like mad and really wakes you up on a morning and has been a god send in this unseasonably hot weather we’ve been having lately where you feel grubby straight after stepping out the shower!

This is probably my favourite out of the range that I would definitely use every day and I’ll probably invest in a full-sized.

liz earle for men try me kit1

Overall I’d say this kit is great for first contact with Liz Earle. I’ve bought a couple of full sized product since this, the Cleanse and Polish as well as the Deep Cleansing Facial Mask which isn’t actually in here.

I don’t think I’ll use everything in the kit once I’ve finished them but I’ve got a real idea of what the brand is about and the design of their products but like with the mask for example, it has lead me to purchase things from the company I wouldn’t otherwise have done so before being able to try them all out at at a really great price.

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