Visiting Frederic Malle Burlington Arcade Flagship Store

For those that don’t know, I live very near Leeds in West Yorkshire. My apartment is next to a train station with a direct line to London Kings Cross. When I say next to, I mean literally – I fall asleep to the sound of late night freight trains, it’s wonderful! So, I do my blogging commute to London once a month for meetings and it works really well. As I write this, I got back only an hour ago.

Today it was really interesting to visit the Frederic Malle store in Burlington Arcade. This is the brand’s UK flagship store and although very small, packs an awful lot in. I was shown around by Michael Donovan, Frederic Malle’s UK PR, who thankfully will be staying with the brand as it fully transitions over as part of Estée Lauder Companies. I say thankfully, as it seems that what Michael doesn’t know about the brand, and fragrance in general, isn’t worth knowing. If I didn’t have other appointments today, I’d have gladly listened to him all day!

Whilst you might have seen bits and pieces of Frederic Mall around the blog, I’ve never given it the introduction it probably deserves. If you want to catch up on other pieces I’ve written first, check out the following:

Frederic Malle is essentially the man that brought niche perfume into the forefront of the beauty industry and turned perfumers, once known only by those in the know, into rock stars. Whilst it’s the noses behind each of the Editions de Parfums that bring them to life; it’s Frederic that ensures each fragrance is the best it can possibly be. One fragrance went back and forward between the nose and Frederic 400 times! Some have even been pulled from the line altogether before ever getting to launch. This is a truly curated brand.

So why is this important? Niche fragrance is hard. To anyone who isn’t in the know, even a little bit, you can end up spending a lot of money on things that you’re not going to like, as here there are no marketing calendars and no safety nets. With Frederic Malle Editions de Parfums, whilst I can think of one that’s not part of the core collection, I challenge you to find a fragrance you actively don’t like or find distasteful. This is your gateway brand to the best names and creations in the niche fragrance industry, guiding you into whole other world’s of fragrance you’re yet to encounter.

Perfume is such a personal thing, or at least it should be, and Frederic Malle reinforces this. They’re not just expressions of the nose or of Frederic, but of you. These are fragrances even the best of friends would keep the name secret from each other.

I will be reviewing a new fragrance, to me, that I picked up today over the next week or so. Without wanting to sound pretentious but fully appreciating how much it does, the fragrance spoke to me; through a mixture of pure enjoyment of the notes, but also evoking powerful scent memories, leaving me feeling almost melancholy. I can feel you rolling your eyes, and I get it; but it’s true!

If you’re around London, definitely get yourself down to the Frederic Malle Burlington Arcade flagship; even though Michael probably won’t be there, the other members of staff are exceptionally knowledgable on the brand and fragrance. If you’re not, there are concessions dotted around and thankfully will be another opening very soon at Manchester’s Selfridges Exchange Square. Or, visit Frederic Malle online here.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 03:45 April 29, 2017

I didn’t know Frederic Malle has a store in Burlington Arcade. Then again it has been AGES since I have walked through there and walked around Picadilly and Regent street! I miss London shopping!

    Harvey Specter
    Posted at 10:50 April 30, 2017
    Thom Watson

    If you get chance, you should definitely, DEFINITELY go. I hate central London shopping as in Selfridges etc, but the smaller arcades and areas around Bond St are my fave!

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