Bionova Acne Treatment + After Shaving

What if I were to tell you that Bionova Acne Treatment + After Shaving is the best at home, skincare acne treatment I’ve ever come across? Well it is, and I can assure you that my recommendation is completely unbiased. But with any wonder-product, there’s always a catch, right?

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Unfortunately there is a catch. It honks. It is the smelliest product I’ve endured. I keep lying to myself thinking “Oh Thom, it can’t be that bad!” then re-opening the pot only to be blasted with it again. It’s an ultra-medicated scent that’s very difficult to get used to. However, the scent doesn’t last once on the skin; I assure you.

The reason I’m particularly buzzed about this is that last week you may have read about my visit to Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar where I underwent a HydraFacial with Glysal Peel treatment. As the therapist promised, 3 days later I broke out. Big style. Everything seemed to come to the surface and it wasn’t pretty.

I promise you that in less than 48 hours, after using the Bionova Acne Treatment + After Shaving treatment only 4 times, they had completely disappeared. I mean scarily so, without a trace.

Bionova Acne Treatment + After Shaving is loaded with glycosoaminoglycans, a molecule our body produces that retains moisture in the skin; UV chromophores absorb and disperse harmful UV rays from the sun; powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients to calm and sooth the skin; moisture barrier building, high density lipoproteins, designed to protect the skin without blocking pores; finally bacteriostatic and keratolitic agents increase skin cell turnover and kill excess p.Acne bacteria.

Using it is simple. Make sure you don’t put your fingers directly in the pot, to avoid contamination, as they’ve used minimal preservatives in its production. Instead, use the provided spatula and take out the tiniest amount. With the skin still slightly damp from washing, apply it all over the face, patting it gently into the skin and avoiding the eye area. If you’ve just shaved, pat it over the freshly groomed area and leave it to sink in. I always get at least one little bump from shaving but with this, nothing.

Bionova Acne Treatment + After Shaving really has to be tried and smelt to be believed. Anyone with concerns of shaving rash, blemishes and irritation really needs to give this a try. The only stockist in the UK is the fabulous online store, Mensphere, who were kind enough to send me this to try out. You can find it here for

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Posted at 07:01 June 16, 2013

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