Transformulas WrinkleBlock Line Restriction Cream

Transformulas Wrinkle Block Line Reduction Creme 4

If you’ve flown before, you’ve seen Transformulas – the airlines’ favourite. This nifty cylinder of loveliness is the Transformulas WrinkleBlock Line Restriction Cream, a rich, whipped-cream texture moisturiser designed to smooth lines and wrinkles using snake-venom technology.

Syn-ake is a patented synthetic snake venom that mimics the venom of the Temple Viper – Waglerin-1, one of the snake’s 4 powerful peptides. It temporarily reduces muscle movement but nowhere near as dramatically as botox and needs regular application as our skin/body gets rid of it quickly. All I can say is that I’m dubious but hopeful.

The moisturiser feels weird, it does feel tingly on the skin and maybe there is a slight numbness but I’m also thinking this might just be psychosomatic. What I can tell you though is that when applied to someone with a drier skin type with ageing concerns, it leaves the skin feeling and looking gorgeous – wrinkles are visibly reduced through targeted moisturisation anyway regardless of the Sny-ake.

If you’re looking for a targeted anti-ageing treatment that has an active ingredient raved about by many, then you can pick up Transformulas WrinkleBlock Line Restriction Cream here for £35 from Boots (it’s had some great feedback here too).

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