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Tom Ford For Men Grooming Collection

Tom Ford For Men

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Tom Ford For Men Intensive Purifying Mud Mask and Bronzer

Tom Ford For Men Skin Revitalizing Concentrate Serum

Tom Ford For Men Anti-Fatigue Night Treatment  and Hydrating Lip Balm

Fine grooming is the mark of a modern gentleman. It is the way a man presents the best version of himself to the world.

The wise-words of Tom Ford and what an honour. I’m lucky enough to be one of, although I’m pretty certain the I’m actually the first blogger to get my hands on the elusive Tom Ford For Men grooming range. I’ve been asked for quotes regarding it for the last few months and I’ve just been waiting for it to hit the shores.

There has been a huge amount of buzz surrounding this launch and it’s the first time a major fashion player has produced a grooming line since Jean Paul Gaultier back in 2006.

Tom Ford were unable to send out the Tom Ford Men Purifying Cleanser and the Tom Ford Concealer For Men as they weren’t in yet. I supplemented a closely matching facial wash in the form of Crème de la Mer The Cleansing Gel. Supplementing the concealer wasn’t a big deal but for the record, I use Bobbi Brown Face Touch-Up Stick in shade 00.

I can’t tell you the exact ingredients of the products here. The Tom Ford PR office doesn’t yet have an ingredients breakdown on their Press Releases and they don’t, as of yet, have the boxes. As soon as the information comes in, I’ll update this article.


You may or may not know that Tom Ford Beauty is a sub-brand of Estée Lauder Companies and it speaks volumes here. The Tom Ford For Men collection comes across as a round-table meeting of Lauder, Clinique and Crème de la Mer.

They’ve taken the classic branding of Esteé Lauder (and of course Tom Ford); the efficacy of Clinique and the luxury of Crème de la Mer. Comparable tactics can also be seen in the Tom Ford ‘complex’ compositions that you would find in CDLM and with, for example, the eye treatment, you’ll find the widely-used metallic eye applicator that you’ll find in most new eye products from Estée Lauder Companies brands.

The Three Complexes

Tom Ford Skin Calming Complex

Found in Tom Ford’s facial treatments, fuses a combination of calming, soothing and conditioning ingredients with anti-irritant properties that help to minimise the appearance of skin irritation and redness.

The Skin Calming Complex helps create a barrier to defend skin against the detectable effects of environmental pollutants and toxic stressors, leaving skin nourished, looking healthy and feeling comfortable.

Tom Ford Purifying Complex

Found in Tom Ford’s cleanser, frees skin of dulling and damaging toxins by using plant extracts to promote purification and reduce irritating environmental pollutants.

It breaks down the impurities that rob skin of vitality and saturates skin cells with botanical agents, leaving skin clean and looking refreshed.

Tom Ford Infusing Complex

Found in Tom Ford’s facial treatments, infuses skin with a potent combination of nutrients that help skin stimulate its natural renewal mechanisms.

By helping skin cells replenish their natural energy, it fundamentally rejuvenates the look of the complexion, so it looks and feels fresher and less tired, as well as helping to protect the skin, leaving it looking renewed, resilient and smoother.

Tom Ford For Men Grooming Collection

Tom Ford For Men Oil-Free Oil-Free Moisturiser £75

You know that I’m a non-believer of a one-for-all moisturiser solution as it defies the science of skin, but I tell you something, this is damn close. This nourishing moisturiser sinks into the skin (not quite as fast absorbing as I think the brand believes) and leaves it fairly matte but with a non-greasy glow.

The surface of my skin is left smooth and pores are reduced, whether this is done through light use of silicon, I’m not sure, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it. There’s a fabulously peppery scent which seems to be essential oil based. Applying this to a freshly cleansed and exfoliated face is a dream; it really hydrates.

Tom Ford For Men Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment £55

Where have I seen this applicator before? Oh yes, here. But the similarities start and stop there. Applying the eye treatment immediately soothes my tired eyes. It’s a lightweight gel texture that even though isn’t rich and creamy, feels very hydrating and nourishing.

The metal applicator is there to boost micro-circulation; this is really not made up rubbish. In the past, I have done myself some rather stupid damage by getting a bit over-zealous with the CDLM applicator, looking like I’d had leaches under my eyes. It stimulates blood flow, increasing lymph circulation and therefore draining stagnant lymph fluid that is instrumental in puffy, dark eyes.

Looking in the mirror as I write this, I have one eye with the cream on and one eye without; it looks like my face has drooped on the side without the treatment, seriously. The brightness is fab but you won’t see any glowing particles or makeup here; it contains micro light-reflecting particles that will subtly but effectively brighten the skin, therefore smoothing and reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Tom Ford For Men Purifying Mud Mask £45

Glamglow. This feels, looks and acts almost exactly like Glamglow Super Mud, which as you’ll know is one of my favourite mud-masks at the moment. The Tom Ford Purifying Mud Mask is a classic looking, charcoal-colored mask that needs a thin layer applying to the whole face, avoiding the eye areas.

As the mask dries, it turns a light grey, whilst activating a suction effect over pores, lifting out dirt whilst neutralising excess oil. You’ll actually see darker spots over every blemish and blocked pore on the skin, this is where the mask really excels. It lifts out the rubbish and helps to retexture the skin’s surface, leaving skin smoother; pores smaller and  excess oil reduced.

Overall the purifying mask takes about 15-20 minutes, but just leave it until the majority of turns a light grey. Also, the mask doesn’t crack if you move your face so you can carry on with your business as you wear it.

Tom Ford For Men Hydrating Lip Balm £20.00

The only lip balm that compares to that by Crème de la Mer. Firstly, it has an enticing aroma of cocoa, like dark chocolate. It’s easy to apply with its shaped applicator and is a blend of almond oil, Shea butter, avocado extract, and vitamins A and E.

Prepare for the roar, rumble and applause of every man in the country with dry lips as I tell you that… this lip balm is… wait for it… completely none-shiny! Not a trace. Lips look smooth, hydrated and moist, but not shiny like you’re wearing lip gloss. There’s no real taste to it and considering the scent, it’d have been nice for a slight hint of flavour, but I’m just nitpicking here.

Tom Ford For Men Skin Revitalizing Concentrate £110

A lightweight treatment oil, best applied at night, that rejuvenates, revitalises and refreshes skin. It works on a base of both the Tom Ford Calming Complex and Tom Ford Infusing Complex alongside select essential oils, vanilla, patchouli and bergamot, as well as a few other enriching ingredients. This is where I wanted the ingredients list above all else, and I assure you that I will get it for you.

I found the best way to apply the product, particularly if you’re oily/combination like me, was to suspend it in your moisturiser. It works very well in the Tom Ford Oil-Free Moisturiser. Pump your moisturiser into the palm of your hand, then add one/two pumps of the Skin Revitalizing Concentrate. Mix the two together and then pat it into the skin, pressing the product in rather than rubbing it. You will find it’s still heavier than your moisturiser but the oil is pulled into the surface levels of the skin by the moisturiser.

Great for applying after shaving as a lightweight and far more more rebuilding alternative to your standard aftershave balm. You can use it before to aid lubrication but that seems wasteful in comparison to the ultra-hydrating and soothing effects of this fabulous serum/treatment. After using this over the last few weeks, I’ve found my skin looks dramatically brighter and the signs of autumn stress are being kept well at bay.

Tom Ford For Men Bronzing Gel £35

Controversial. The majority of interviews and quotes I’ve given over the last 6 months have revolved around the fact that this new men’s grooming rang would include makeup products.

You might not be surprised to hear that this product is nothing particularly new, but I do really like it – I actually use the Clinique Skin Supplies For Men Non-Streak Bronzer. The bronzing gel is a long-lasting tan that once applied, can only be removed by washing off; this ensures that it doesn’t streak or run down your face. It gives instant and natural colour that removes the need to either build up a gradual base or ensure perfect application of a more long-term facial tanner. The added advantage here is that it includes the treatment benefits of the Tom Ford Calming and the Infusing complexes.

You can apply this product ‘neat’ onto the skin, but from working with this type of product for years, I can give you a super-duper top tip: Take your moisturiser, Tom Ford For Men Oil-Free Moisturiser in this case, pump it into the palm of your hand and then add good-sized blog of the bronzing gel; blend them together and apply by patting into the skin. As the bronzer is normally fast-absorbing, suspending it in your moisturiser makes much easier and more malleable to apply but also it doesn’t stain your hands and is easier to wash off. Job done!

Final Thoughts

The Tom Ford For Men Grooming Collection is a bit of an interesting one. If you have a specific skin concern and need a particularly targeting treatment, I would be looking to supplement the collection with a serum from a more dermatologically specialist brand like Clinique or La Roche Posay etc. It’s a fab all-rounder and I feel is the actual regimen that the blokes used to advertise L’Oreal Men Expert series would actually use themeless.

Tom Ford is bringing men’s grooming a step further into the prestige beauty market, giving a luxurious alternative to your standard array of blue gels. The collection speaks to the right audience at the right time and I can only say that it’s been well worth the wait.

The Tom Ford For Men Purifying Face Cleanser and Tom Ford Concealer For Men are priced at £35 and £32 respectively. The collection will be available at all Tom Ford beauty counters nationwide from this November. I’ll add some links here when they become available.

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