The UK’s Biggest Retro Video Gaming Fair: The Video Game Market in 40 photos

I’m a huge retro video game fan, as anyone who knows me will attest to. Under my TV you’ll find a SNES, Wii, WiiU, Gamecube, Gameboy Advance, Original DS, Gameboy Colour and as of today, an N64.

I heard about yesterday’s Video Game Market before Christmas, totally by accident either via Google or Facebook (I can’t remember which). It’s held at Doncaster  Dome which is about an hour away from me in West Yorkshire. Don’t worry though, the next one is in August I think – I’m sure they’ll update their site very shortly.

Mr. MANFACE and me were up at 7am on a Saturday – which is unheard of for us – and made our way there. It was much, much bigger than expected and certainly a lot busier. It opened at 10pm but we were there and queueing by 9.30am – this meant we got in almost first and had 30mins or so before it started busying up.

There were 45+ stalls and absolutely everything you can imagine from Commodores to PS2’s and everything inbetween. But instead of me jabbering on about it, dive straight into the photos!

Itching to get in. It’s been a very long time since I was as excited!

Mr. MANFACE being as diligent as usual, reading the guide first (it helps!)

A box of Meowths, that’s right!

Not just video games but all sorts of apparel and the most awesomely geeky Tees.

The choice was overwhelming. Here I picked up the N64 for only £40 and a copy of Zelda A Link To The Past for SNES.

Custom modded Gamecubes

So many plushies and at 5 for £30, it would have been rude not to.

These are now in my gaming room up on the mezzanine of my apartment. So soft!

It was hard to choose 5 out of what seemed like 100’s

So many Gameboy games and not enough time!

All hand cut and mounted by a local artist. Each a screenshot fro a classic title.

I wish I’d kept my old boxes from when I was younger. They fetch a pretty penny.

Gameboy cameras galore as well as every other vintage accessory imaginable.

Batarangs and Dragonballs.

Modded Gameboys in every colour under the sun, with backlit screens.

Printed posters and canvases

The star of the show was definitely this little girl holding a Meowth almost as big as her!


I love a snapback at the best of times, but these were hardest to resist.

Mr. MANFACE flicking through the games of his era.

Vintage gaming magazines

Yee-hee! Let’s-a-go!

Some really amazing artwork alongside the troves of vintage hardware.

No box at the market was left unturned.

Might have picked up a wireless Wavebird controller for my Gamecube and a replacement copy of Super Mario Sunshine.


It was only until I got onto the balcony to take this shot that I realised how enormous the market venue was.

Posted at 20:30 February 27, 2017
The Kentucky Gent

A man after my own heart! I’ve always loved the Nintendo lineup and can’t wait to play the new Zelda on Switch once they’re both out!

    Posted at 22:49 March 2, 2017
    Thomas Watson

    I cannot tell you how excited I am. My Switch arrives tomorrow and the first thing I’ll be doing is downloading Breath of The Wild. Are you getting yourself one?

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