NEW Jo Malone London The Bloomsbury Set: Leather & Artemisia

The Bloomsbury Set is a new collection of fragrances from Jo Malone London and is described as being inspired by the free spirited artists of the Bloomsbury set, a collection of scents capturing the intoxicating essence of an unconventional life in their legendary country house in Sussex.

The collection has 5 pocket sized fragrances, each as distinctive as the next.

I’ve been wearing Leather & Artemisia and it’s absolutely gorgeous. A creamy leather accompanied by a striking yet not overbearing absinthe. The scent also features cypriol oil and orris root adding unusual and creative dimensions.

Leather & Artemisia is a fabulously bizarre and gender neutral fragrance that goes on strong and settles quickly – I wish it could be a little stronger but if you layer it enough, you can force it to last a while. I’d definitely recommend trying these out; similar in vein to Maison Martin Margiela Jazz Club whilst I think about it.

Jo Malone London Leather & Artemisia Eau de Cologne, 30ml. £46. John Lewis.

Posted at 17:19 March 2, 2017
The Kentucky Gent

That Whisky & Cedarwood scent is speaking to me! Sounds right up my alley.

    Posted at 22:52 March 2, 2017
    Thomas Watson

    I’ve not smelt that one funnily enough. I worry though that it won’t be as striking as it sounds; to appeal to a larger market, understandably, JML do like to play it a little more safe.

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