Superdrug Launch Vegan + Cruelty Free B. Men Skincare Range

In contrast to my article yesterday on the state of the Male Grooming industry, this completely goes against the grain with a skincare range that clearly has had a lot of care, love, thought and attention go into it.

Superdrug has launched their own budget male skincare line, B. Men, to face opposite their existing and highly successful B. Skincare. The range is entirely cruelty-free, vegan and has a very good attention to detail with its ingredients, using many naturals where possible.

Most mass market male skincare lines tend to be full of plastics, microbeads and all sorts of other nasties, but you won’t find that here. I’ve been looking at the Charcoal Face Scrub, Post Shave Balm, Shave Cream, SPF15 Moisturiser and Hydrating Gel.

The Charcoal Face Scrub is gorgeous, with a whole host of natural ingredients and bases included sweet almond, charcoal, walnut, chestnut, willow and a whole host of vitamins and minerals. It could be a little scrubbier for my liking but it is designed to be used as a scrub, or if you don’t fancy the massage, just use it as a rinse off facial wash.

B. Men Charcoal Face Scrub. Superdrug. £3.48

The Shave Cream and Hydrating Gel are both pretty standard and could do without the powerful ‘man fragrance’ in the Hydrating Gel but they’re still pretty solid products for those who are budget-conscious.

B. Men Shave Cream. Superdrug. £2.98

B. Men Energised Hydrating Gel. Superdrug. £4.98

The Post Shave Balm is gorgeous and is apparently 8 in 1 – and before you think the marketing department got drunk, it actually is. It moisturises, soothes, protects with antioxitants, reduces shine, controls blemishes, boosts glow, minimizes redness and refines pores – phew. Ingredients are again, a good mix of naturals and then the same culprits you’ll find in most skincare products.

B. Men Post Shave Balm. Superdrug. £2.98

A slight fragrance but forgivable, the B. Men SPF15 Antia-geing moisturiser is gorgeous. It’s very hydrating and rich without being shiny or congesting. It feels very cooling on the skin and keeps you soft. The SPF15 is great for year-round UV protection but you’d still need something stronger for a holiday.

B. Men Firm Anti-Ageing Moisturiser. Superdrug. £6.48

Posted at 02:02 March 18, 2017

‘A slight fragrance’…

That’s why I’m still using Clinique despite their silly prices. Oh for a good fragrance free men’s moisturiser.

    Posted at 10:18 March 20, 2017
    Thomas Watson

    Completely with you on that, they’re few and far between.

Posted at 18:33 June 21, 2016
Lee Ryan

Tried these after reading this as thought I would take a cheap moisturiser on holiday with me but I was disappointed enough to get a refund from super drug the anti age moisturiser just feels and dries yuk and claggy on the face, I think the charcoal cleanerser was good and worth the money although it turns my flannel black ( finally Wahes out) but leaves face feeling clean and smooth. as yet not tried the shave balm

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