Sienna X Dark Glowing Self Tan

January is a bit of a rotten month for most, it’s always cold and dark, raining / snowing, no one has any money and half of us have abandoned our diets two weeks in. Despite the fact my birthday is on the 23rd of the month, I’m always grumpy, stressed and looking tired, pasty, pale and miserable. But we don’t have to feel like this! You can feel more confident and look healthier (at least on the outside), all thanks to Sienna X, the company that was officially responsible for the glowing colour of the cast in the 2012 James Bond blockbuster, Skyfall.




Sienna X Dark Glowing Self Tan is a new and crazily popular addition to the brand, featured in Bella, Style and Closer magazines, formulated with green tea and calendula to improve skin tone and texture whilst delivering outstanding colour. It’s beautifully deep with 8% DHA (tanning colorant) that builds up over 6-8 hours, leaves me 100% streak free and doesn’t leave me smelling like an old biscuit as many tanners can. For application, the bottle advises you use latex-free rubber gloves to apply the product, but I prefer to use a tanning mitt instead. The lotion is quite runny and light in texture, absorbing quickly and not leaving you feeling sticky to the touch.

Make sure that you apply this onto ‘dirty’ skin, that’s been washed and well exfoliated at least 12 hours before-hand, this allows your natural oils and pH levels to re-balance and will allow the colour to develop more closely matched to your skin’s natural tone.

I found it gave me around a week of optimum colour and as it began to fade away, didn’t patch up, streak or look like I’d developed a serious bout of vitiligo. It smells gorgeous – slightly sweet but gently fruity at the same time, this fades when rinsed off and afterwards there’s no particular fragrance remaining on the skin at all.

James Harknett


My first experience of Sienna X tanning was when I visited the charming James Harknett, the country’s most respected professional tanning expert, at the W Hotel’s Away Spa in London. I was given a full-body spray tan that has been to date, the most natural, even and undetectable artificial tan I’ve ever had. I mean seriously, unless you knew me and the fact my skin never naturally tans, you’d never know it was a spray in a million years.

A top tip from James is to apply a little Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days Refreshing Gel-Cream on the knees, elbows and wrists – this prevents the colour from building up and allows it to blend perfectly. I’ve been using this tip since and it really makes a difference!

If you’re wanting to explore Sienna X, you can pick the Dark Glowing Self Tan here and if I’ve tempted you to arrange the best spray tan of your life, you can book with James here.

Posted at 22:32 January 15, 2013

hi, do you apply the lotion to your face as well? If not what do you use to match up the colour on face to body?

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