Sarantis Tsimilimis Skincare Ambassador for Crème de la Mer

I have been lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with Sarantis Tsimilimis, Education Manager and Skincare Ambassador ambassador for Creme de la Mer UK and Ireland. Find out why La Mer is great for guys, best for banishing blemishes and the perfect Winter recovery aid. La Mer for the iPad

Many readers often want to know, what about Crème de la Mer products make them suitable for men?

The original Crème de la Mer formula was created by a man, for a man: Dr Max Huber suffered burns in a laboratory accident and began a personal quest to transform the look of his skin. He focused his attention on sea kelp – with its potent nourishing properties and an endless ability to regenerate, he hand-harvested and fermented kelp gently with simple, pure ingredients, infusing them with light and sound until they became the Miracle Broth™, heart of the cream that renewed and helped restore the look of his skin.

Crème de la Mer now offers products which target an array of skincare concerns, including those often experienced by men such as irritation and redness.  We regularly hear how men like their skin to feel hydrated and comforted, yet without the need for a heavy moisturiser on the skin.  Crème de la Mer provides a number of lightweight yet comforting solutions which are popular with the male market.

What are your top tips for the perfect shave?

Pre-shave preparation

Splash skin with warm water and activate a gentle cleanser between your fingertips, lather and massage in circular movements and rinse away.  It is important for skin surface to be clear of dead, dulling cells as they prevent smooth shaving and prevent skin from looking smooth and reflecting light properly. The prefect remedy for the above is to use a good exfoliator once or twice per week, preferably before you shave. Massage gently on wet skin and rinse properly. Voila skin is clean and invigorated!

Perfect tools

Opt for shaving creams for drier skin types and shaving gels for combination/oilier skin. Try to use shaving products which contain moisturising agents and feel nourishing on the skin; the more lubrication between skin and razor, the smoother and calmer your skin will be.  Use a quality razor and ensure blades are sharp – follow the direction of the hair growth and shave with short strokes and without putting too much pressure on the skin.

After shave tips

Rinse skin with cool water to refresh and help close the pores, pat skin with a clean towel. Ditch all alcohol based products as they can dehydrate skin and select a good moisturiser that can replace lost moisture and will help soothe and calm the skin. As we men tend to have oilier skin types, opt for lightweight lotions which feel fresh and invigorating on the skin. If you are concerned with ageing, I would highly recommend the use of a serum under your moisturiser.

Follow the above and enjoy smooth, fresh looking skin!

It’s commonly known that Crème de la Mer is perfect for anti-ageing, but can it do anything for younger, oilier and more blemished skin?

Crème de la Mer is suitable for many different ages and skin types.  The Miracle Broth incorporated within the products gives skin the deep moisture it needs to renew itself.  It helps to soothe sensitivities and calm the look of redness, whilst nourishing and encouraging a healthy appearance.

Is it possible to incorporate Crème de la Mer products into your existing skin care regime and what’s the first product you would suggest a potential client to start with?

Absolutely – our Experts at counter will be happy to suggest Crème de la Mer products to complement and work in synergy with your existing regime.  When welcoming a new guest to counter, we ask them to share their skincare concerns with us and products will be recommended according to their needs and lifestyle.  I would suggest a new client try the five moisturising textures available in the range to see which is best suited to them. They can then experience their ideal moisturiser within their existing regime with a sample size to take away.

What is your absolute favourite product and why?

I tend to be a great supporter of serums. Highly concentrated actives, light formulas, fast penetrating and super efficient.  My favourite staple in my regime is the Regenerating Serum – highly comforting, this product helps diminish the appearance off lines and wrinkles and transforms the look of skin on contact. A trusted must have!

Finally, so many of us have boozed, over-eaten and under-exercised over the Christmas period, what can you recommend to help get our skin fighting fit for the new year?

I would firstly suggest following a balanced, healthy diet, with plenty of water and herbal teas such as green or peppermint tea – it all helps towards maintaining a healthy looking complexion!  Secondly, establish a good grooming routine – make sure you cleanse daily and use a gentle scrub twice weekly.  Add a serum or infusion – I like to use the Crème de la Mer Hydrating Infusion after shaving as it feels replenishing and revitalising.  Finally, a nourishing moisturiser applied morning and night will keep skin comforted and help combat the effects of the cold weather.  The Moisturizing Soft Cream makes an ideal winter moisturiser for men as it has a rich quality but with a weightless feel on the skin.

Posted at 05:17 January 21, 2013

I really liked the interview and there are really some interesting facts for the men .Though men are least interested in their skincare part but still its really important in current scenario

    Posted at 05:41 October 24, 2016

    Good luck with your vineyard. The owners of the property where I harvested my grapes finally cleared the fence line. To do that, they had to bulldoze down all of &#m280;8yࢭ grapevines. I have thought about doing just what you did so I don’t have to worry about looking all over the county for my grapes.

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Excellent interview and lots to take away here, thanks Thom. A range to add to the ever expanding wish list!

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Ged in London (@iamgedster)

Fantastic interview Thom! Would love to try it one day – just wish it wasn’t that expensive! ;-)

Posted at 12:33 January 19, 2013

Interesting interview, loved the shaving tips and I can say that I have seen excellent results using a serum after shaving. Good to know the range thinks about men’s skin concerns as well :)

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