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Fellas Cleansing Wipes


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We’ve all seen adverts for feminine wipes and other such things, but what all men know is that sometimes, after a long day, things sometimes need freshening up down there. Fellas Cleansing Wipes are essentially intimate wipes for men and are pH balanced and dermatologically tested for daily use, although they’re not made to replace showering altogether. They’re also free from harsh soaps and artificial fragrances as well as being completely free from alcohol.

Each wipe is individually wrapped in something remarkably similar to a condom packet, I think to make us all feel more manly; its quite funny, I like it. This is obviously designed to make them discreet and not give away the fact that of you wanting to even dare take extra steps to keep yourself clean, for fear of public ridicule of men smelling anything other than of stale B.O.

I’m not going to go into too much detail here, but after trying one, I think they’re brilliant and do exactly what they’re made to do. Its something I’ll definitely keep in my gym bag when I need to leave to beat the evening traffic. These are also completely ideal for the festival market.

A friend of mine, Euan, pointed my attention to the writing on the bottom of the box, about ‘flavour containing natural ingredients and is safe for oral contact’. I mean there’s not a lot I can say to that, but there you are.

Despite spending much of my time sniggering whilst writing this, I think these are an innovation of pure genius and if women have got to grips with this then its about time us men did too. So much care an attention to detail has been paid to every aspect of the product, their founder Colin Bruton must be commended.

Fellas Cleansing Wipes £1.99/ Box of 8 – £7.99/Bag of 40 at Fellas Online

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