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I’m a bit embarrassed really, but I’ve had these fragrances for a long, long time; concealed in bubble-wrap, sat in my review chest and kept falling to the bottom. I’ve definitely been missing out.

Papillon fragrances are from the mind and heart of perfumer, Liz Moores. There are four unisex perfumes in the collection: Anubis, Tobacco Rose, Angelique and Salome. The three vials sent to me were all except Salome.

When creating a perfume, I think of colours, textures and places. I imagine the people who may wear the fragrance and hope that the perfume will help them conjure their own unique and personal allusions.


Originally designed as a signature scent for Liz, by Liz, Anubis is an oriental fragrance for men and women with notes of  suede, jasmine, pink lotus, immortelle, olibanum, myrrh and saffron. The real punch comes from the suede with an almost oud feel from the myrrh and frankincense (olibanum) that softens with the smooth immortelle and heady jasmine.

Tobacco Rose

Initially a shot of thick, Pedro Ximenez Sherry before the decedant, heady and almost sherbet rose kicks in. Liz describes the change after the rose as “Soft animalic touches of ambergris and beeswax have been suspended in a sumptuous blend of musks, creating an enigmatic, alluring and unmistakable perfume”. It’s truly as gorgeous as it sounds! This is undoubtedly unisex as the war wages between the deep musks and middle-eastern rose.


I think this is my favourite, and for all the wrong reasons. I am normally hardcore addicted to deep, dark, weird amber fragrances with ouds, leathers, vanillas and tonkas. Angelique is light, airy, spring-like and floral with osmanthus, white champac, orris and mimosa. Yet Angelique retains an undeniable masculinity, most likely through the frankincense and cedarwood. Gorgeous.

All Papillon fragrances are available here from the Papillon website and retail at £98 each + £5 delivery.

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