Ormonde Jane Ambre Royal Eau De Parfum

This is very, very unusual for Ormonde Jayne. For me it definitely cements the change in style of Ormonde Jayne from the days of lighter, etherial dancing fragrances such as Zizan and Isfarkand to the bold and striking statements of Black Gold and Rose Gold. Ambre Royal undoubtedly sits in the latter; holding the crown.

The notes are much simpler than they seem with osmanthus, iris, musk, cedar, amber, orchid and ambroxan. Once settled you definitely pick up on the cedar and orchid; this fragrance is remarkably gender fluid and sits in both genders and neither at the same time. Candy Perfume Boy recently tweeted a reference to queer fragrances and I definitely believe this sits well within that. Ambre Royal is a political statement.

The silage is relatively wide compared to many scents but for Omonde Jayne, Ambre Royal is the Queen at the back of the board to the pawn armada of Black Gold. It lasts a good while too as this cyclical scent rises up from and then sinks back into the skin. It does settle down into something a little more floral but undoubtedly regal. Ambre Royal is addictive.

Ormonde Jane Ambre Royal Eau De Parfum has just launched at Harrods and is available exclusively at £110/50ml EDP. Not available online, call them here to place an order +44 (0) 20 3626 7020.

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