NeoSTEM Anti-Accelerated Ageing Serum

This is something rather special, with a wonderful research history that has gone on to become part of the incredible product selection over at M&S Beauty. Before I even tell you what it is or how it works, I will tell you that on the M&S website, it’s received 4.9/5 stars overall and 5/5 for quality.

NeoStem is a direct result of the bio-medical research into Progeria, a genetic mutation that causes rapid cellular ageing. It’s a condition from birth and unfortunately the children who live it will rarely make it into their twenties, most often passing away during their teens. There are an estimated 200-250 people living with progeria at any one time. To find out more about Progeria, I can point you to the website of Hayley Okines, a girl who is using her time to raise a awareness and money for the condition.

The NeoSTEM Anti-Accelerated Ageing Serum comes from the same laboratory and team of researchers who still actively conduct the Progeria research, utilising the power of both Omega Statine and Z-Dronate molecules. These amazing molecules work by slowing down the production of the toxic protein Progerin, one of the major causes of cellular ageing. The formula enables the skin to maintain normal cell division, whilst aiding in reparation and cellular production, keeping us looking younger. In addition it stimulates the synthesis of supporting proteins such as collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin.

In use, it feels richer than what you’d expect from a serum yet it sinks into the skin without a trace. Apply one pump of the serum all over the face, underneath your moisturiser, once a day. This one application will keep you going for 24 hours, as once the molecules are embedded into the skin, they won’t just wash off. NeoSTEM serum has proven to penetrate deeper than other anti-ageing serums as it’s molecules are smaller and are freer to travel within the skin. The serum actually underwent a clinical, randomized, comparative and double-blind study on 83 volunteers, aged between 51 and 71, lasting 84 days. These were the incredible results they saw:

A reduction in depth of wrinkle: measured on 72% of volunteers at 56 days.
A reduction in volume and surface area of the main wrinkle: measured on 83% of volunteers at 56 days.
Smoothing out of wrinkles and lines: measured on 72% of volunteers at 56 days.
Reduction in volume of the cheek hollow: measured on 75% of volunteers at 84 days.
Improved suppleness of the skin: measured on 86% of volunteers at 56 days.

These results are truly fascinating and have been seen by most of the people who’ve given feedback online. Now I didn’t test this myself as being 22, I didn’t think I’d see much of an effect, but after giving the serum to someone who is more concerned with the inevitable signs of ageing than I am, I’ve not been able to get the product back since!

Initially they reported that they felt their moisture levels had massively increase. Later, they noticed the depth of finer lines around the eyes, lips and mouth were reduced. Finally, deeper lines and wrinkles over the whole face had noticeably improved, as well as an improvement in the skin’s texture and elasticity. After seeing the results for myself I was stunned, particularly as this was over the period of only around two months use and just from one bottle.

Fabulously, part of the profits generated by the sale of NeoStem Serum are returned to the Progeria research which is wonderful to know that by helping to slow down your own ageing process, you’re actually helping to save someone’s life by aiding in the research to slow down theirs. You can pick this up in-store or online here from M&S Beauty and I will stress that one bottle appears to have lasted for an insanely long time.

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