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Mizensir Eau de Gingembre

Mizensir Eau de Gingembre 1

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As promised, this is the second installment of my long Easter weekend fragrance reviews. The other three are Michael Kors Extreme Night, Tommy Tropics by Tommy Hilfiger and the Fornasetti Profumi Giardino Segreto Foglie Key Print Candle.

This has been sitting in my review pile for a while and it had absolutely no business being left there. Mizensir Eau de Gingembre by Alberto Morillas is liquid sunshine and a bowl of sharp, sour, citrus sorbet. At its top is calabrian bergamot, ginger, tunisian neroli and petitgrain; a heart of fig and cypress and finally a base of white woods.

At the same time, Eau de Gingembre has a musky spine right up its back like a dusty shard of graphene in the form of white woods.

Alberto Morillas, the legendary Spanish nose behind all Mizensir fragrances, is also responsible for some of my favourites such as the gloriously 90’s Givenchy Pi as well as Mugler Cologne and Acqua di Parma Colonia Intensa. Although he’s dabbled in everything, Morillas does citrus cologne well; very well.

My only problem with Mizensir Eau de Gingembre is that it doesn’t last as long as I’d like. This is pretty endemic of most citrus colognes to be fair. However, I’d like this distilled down into something that would survive a nuclear apocalypse alongside only Cher and the cockroaches.

I think the only way to combat this would be for Mizensir to release ancillaries; and lots of them. I want a body lotion, a shower gel, and aftershave lotion, soaps and even room fragrance – everything. I want this to be as accessible a lifestyle fragrance as Aqua Universalis from Maison Francis Kurkdjian. Gimmie more!

Although obviously not as iconic as Acqua di Parma, if this were a competition, Eau de Gingembre would win hands down; it’s more sophisticated and well constructed; the colour Red vs Pantone Uncoated 1795.

It’s kissable, fun and very sexy for a citrus cologne. Mizensir Eau de Gingembre is £165/100ml from Harrods online.

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