Michael Kors Extreme Night

I have some great fragrance reviews coming up over this year’s Easter holiday weekend with this being the first. The other three are Mizensir Eau de Gingembre, Tommy Tropics by Tommy Hilfiger and the Fornasetti Profumi Giardino Segreto Foglie Key Print Candle.

I’ve been watching so many seasons of Project Runway on Netflix over the last few weeks; the ones all featuring Michael Kors – he’s definitely my favourite judge. Then as a result I’ve been walking around the apartment doing Tim Gunn impersonations to myself.

Annnnnyway… So, yes, Michael Kors – I was prompted to dive into my ‘products for review’ pile and grab this relatively recently released Michael Kors Extreme Night.

Introducing Extreme Night, a daring new fragrance for the modern man. Top notes of black pepper and nutmeg combine with invigorating cypress and clary sage while orris root and Tonka Bean round out this complex and robust blend. It’s a relaxed, yet powerful scent for a busy, urban life.

It’s not a clever fragrance, it’s nothing revolutionary, but I really like it. Another guilty pleasure I think. Extreme Night is a flanker to Michael Kors for Men (which I really did not enjoy) and is a follow on to Extreme Blue.

If you’ve ever smelt a fragrance on the highstreet with the word ‘Night’ in it; it smells like that – they almost all smell the same; a basic blend of something sweet and amber with peppery notes. It really reminds my of my favourite Zara fragrance, Zara Homme Night but not quite as sweet as this has Tonka Bean instead of Vanilla.

I really like Michael Kors Extreme Night and but please don’t judge me for it. It’s silly. It lasts a good while and doesn’t have the widest fragrance throw. It’s safe, it’s kitsch, it’s fun and can be worn tongue in cheek.

The launch has been weird, really weird in kind of dribs and drabs in the US and UK. I can currently only find it available in the UK online from World Duty Free £40/40ml which can only be bought to pick up when you’re next flying. I’m assuming it will have wider distribution soon – so look out for it!

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