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Best of The Boys: Men’s Grooming Blogs You Should Be Reading

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I get asked this a lot actually, mainly by PR’s and industry folk, but nevertheless, I think you guys should know about some of my favourite male grooming, beauty and skin care bloggers. Some you may already know and some you might not, so without further a do, let’s get down to it.

The Grooming Guru

Lee Kynaston has been blogging since April 2009 and is one of the very first men’s grooming bloggers around. His posts on The Grooming Guru are perfectly bite sized, giving the latest updates and info on products purely for guys including fragrance, skin care and shaving.

Outside of his blog, you’ll find Lee in a variety of mags and publications, stretching his men’s grooming muscle (sounded better in my head). Be sure to keep Lee in your bookmarks, he’s one of the few blogs I have feeding straight into my inbox.

The Ged Lab

I challenge you to find something that Ged doesn’t write about. From style to fashion; grooming to gadgets – he has it all. The Ged Lab has been going since 2011 and is moving from strength to strength. Ged’s articles are informative, easy to read and he also hosts some great giveaways.

Ged has also just set up a new blog, Iketeru, looking at Japanese lifestyle, culture, anime fashion and gadgets. You should definitely check it out!

Mirror Reality

One of my absolute favourite skin care blogs aimed towards men but like Manface, takes a unisex approach to skincare. Phil reviews the most fabulous products in a very easy to read and concise way. Mirror Reality is definitely a leader in style and elegance with fabulous photos and an excellent site design.

Every now and then you’ll see a post that looks like it’s been garbled in transit, but fear not, from time to time, Phil writes in Dutch (his first language) but what upsets me most is that his english is better than mine. I especially love his new The Gym Edit.

Pampered Prince

Since January 2012, The Pampered Prince by Andy, a facialist and skincare expert, is one of the leading authorities online when it comes to looking after your skin. Again, taking a unisex approach to skincare, Andy targets brands you might not have heard of before, particularly from within the professional beauty and skincare industry.

He’s also a huge believer in nutrition being the first line of attack when it comes to your skin, something I’ve massively come around to in the last year or so. If you’re struggling to find the answers you need when it comes to your skin, check him out.

In Haute Pursuit

Only blogging since February this year (I could have sworn it was much longer), Bart from In Haute Pursuit is one of my favourite men’s skincare bloggers; at times I feel like he’s my NYC-based counterpart. With a taste for luxury grooming and beauty, Bart mixes fabulous photography and punchy articles with his obsession for Instagram.

With almost 11,000 Instagram followers and more than 5,000 posts, Bart shares his life through beauty, grooming and fabulousness through his favourite social media.

The Beard and The Quiff

The all-talented Jules Heptonstall, St. Tropez celebrity tanner and online columnist for The Mirror, presents The Beard and The Quiff; founded in 2011.

He writes on a broad range of grooming and skincare products from bargain to prestige whilst touching on hair removal, tanning (obviously) and even the hazy territory of men’s makeup.

Gianni C

Blogging since December 2013, Gianni C is another one of my new favourite men’s skincare and grooming bloggers; despite the fact he’s just posted this where he shares his dislike of 4 of my favourite products *glares*.

His reviews always seem natural, unstaged and unbiased, using the knowledge he’s gained from using products and reading/watching the advice of others. He also intersperses skincare with the odd lifestyle article letting us know what he’s up to! A really great read.


Not that I’m being biased or anything, but thought this was a good opportunity to plug my brand new blog like an absolute, 100% mother-plugger. Whereas MANFACE has always focused on luxury grooming, skincare, beauty and fragrance; BOYFACE looks at the wide array of fabulous products available on the high-street.

I rarely review anything over £10 and look at products that often give a wink to those dealing with acne, spots and oily skin concerns.

*feature image from Do check out her site, her photography is to die for.

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