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(MALIN + GOETZ): My latest obsession in skincare

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I am obsessed, seriously. Malin + Goetz skincare is one of the best brands I’ve come across to date with innovative products, fabulous formulations and even beautiful packaging. Their range of skin care targeting blemished and problem skin is stunning and very effective.

(MALIN + GOETZ) Detox Face Mask

This is bloody bizarre, I absolutely love it; it’s like Vanish Oxy-Action for the skin. This cream mask with 0.3% soy protein and amino acid hydrating technology hydrates, exfoliates and smooths out the skin.

Apply the cream onto the skin then wait a few seconds, you’ll see the mask begins to foam up on it’s own as it starts to react with oxygen lifting dirt and debris from the skin whilst simultaneously injecting it with moisture.

It’s the perfect pre and post shave product giving a great shaving base as well as a fabulous pore-blocking, skin calming healer.

(MALIN + GOETZ) 10% Detox Face Mask is £29.00 here from Space.NK

Malin Goetz Skincare 3

(MALIN + GOETZ) 10% Sulfur Paste

This is my favourite. It’s a spot treatment that stings like hell, so you know it’s working – haha. The Sulfur powder suspended in Isopropyl Alcohol dries out spots almost immediately.

Use a cotton bud, dip into the base of the glass jar and tap before removing. Apply a small amount on and around the spot area and leave on as long as possible. I’ve been sleeping in it and it doesn’t stain bed sheets (always a worry with powerful anti-blemish products).

Keep the jar flat when possible, but when travelling it can get mixed up; leave it for a couple of hours and it’ll separate itself out again.

(MALIN + GOETZ) 10% Sulfur Paste is £16.50 here from Space.NK

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(MALIN + GOETZ) 2% Salicylic Gel

Many brands do Salicylic acid gels. This isn’t my absolute favourite but it’s pretty darn good (my favourite being the Origins Super Spot Remover). This provides more of a salicylic acid punch but it s gentler formulation; I guess I just like the sting of the origins product.

It doesn’t do that much for redness, not like the Sulfur Paste. But, I’ve found it’s great to use on ingrown hairs on the beard area (or anywhere on the body to be honest) as it helps free the hair gently without drying the skin.

You only ever need a small amount and massage in (salicylic acid is more motion activated that anything else) it disappears quickly and doesn’t leave a sticky trace or a film.

(MALIN + GOETZ) 10% Salicylic Gel is £16.50 here from Space.NK

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