All The Best Lush Christmas Gift

Another fabulous gift from the house of LUSH – All The Best. A luxury gift with a little bit of everything from the best of LUSH. Containing the Sandy Santa body scrub, a smiling Karma soap and a heart shaped Soft Coeur massage bar that looks and smells to die for! Then there’s Olive Branch shower gel and Snowcake soap with Snowcake being one of LUSH’s most popular Christmas soaps last year.







Karma is an unbelievable cleanser with  Rapeseed Oil and Coconut Oil, Patchouli Oil, Sweet Orange Oil, Lavandin Oil, Pine Oil, Lemongrass Oil and Elemi Oil. It smells great and leaves you refreshingly clean!


The second soap in the gift – creamy, smooth and leaving me feeling unimaginably squeaky clean. It smells like marzipan, really sweet and soft but not sickly and bland. The coconut oil will leave your skin feeling great, I know it did mine! A word of warning, it craps gold all over the place but that will rinse away after first use.


A massage bar with a chocolate and honey centre, this is absolutely to die for. With a base of cocoa and shea butter, it melts into the skin giving you a great massage product that doesn’t sink in straight away, or, leave you feeling icky. It’s perfect.


Shower gel made with Fairtrade olive oil, fresh mandarins, bergamot oil and vine leaves. It’s hydrating but throrouhgly cleansing, pouncing into a beautifully rich and creamy lather, particularly when used with a shower lily (those squidgy net things).


“A sunny citrus body scrub with hints of floral, to perk up winter skin or get summer skin swimming-suit ready.” Absolutely beautifully scrubby and will unblock and shift the most difficult to remove dead skin. Break some off and massage onto dry elbows, knees and feet, then jump in the shower and use the rest on dampened skin. You only need to break off what you need.

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