L’Occitane en Provence Verdon Men’s Collection

Probably my favourite of L’Occitane’s collection of men’s gifts this Christmas, packed full of gorgeous grooming from the Verdon fragrance collection. Launched in 2010 and named after the strikingly blue Verdon river in France, the collection centres around a fresh and invigorating scent of sea-buckthorn, genepi, and mint that creates a delicious fresh, aquatic and citrus burst.

For only £42, you get a 50ml Verdon Eau de Toilette, 150ml Verdon Fresh Water Shower Gel , 100g Verdon Soap, 100ml Verdon Invigorating Shave and a 15ml Verdon Energy Moisturiser.

The Eau de Toilette is the signature product of the range and as well as delivering the freshest fragrance around I have to say it lasts a really long time, more so than you’d expect from a lighter scent such as this. It’s also made with organic alcohol!

The Shower Gel is a great 2-in-1 for hair and body and perfect for throwing in your gym bag for an after-workout refresh and cleanse. It’s a bio-degradable formula which means it kills the bacteria on your skin, but not the environment. It foams well, really well, particularly when used with a shower lilly, so make sure you only use a really small amount otherwise you’ll be inundated.

The soap, oooh I love the soap, in fact I love all L’Occitane soap. It cleanses the skin with an abudance of lather, but doesn’t dry you out leaving you feeling tight and succeptable to the cold harsh winter weather.

Verdon Shave Gel is rich, creamy and very, very foamy. It invigorates the skin and provides great lubrication against your blade. I love the fact it’s 100ml which makes it perfect for travelling with. How many times have you had to buy cheap emergency shave gels on holiday as apparently we’re all going to die if someone takes one on a plane? – I daren’t risk putting it in my hold luggage as a foam explosion is not the best start to your vacation. But no more, this is a perfect luxury travel companion and puts supermarket brands (and most prestige brands) to shame! Oh and make sure you only use a small amount as it errupts once you get it going.

Finally there’s a luxury trial size of the Verdon Energy Moisturiser, an outstanding product. The moisturiser was tested over a month on 25 men and the results were as follows: Upon application, the skin is deeply nourished for 100% of men, while 92% said the product gave their skin an invigorating boost. Throughout the day, the skin remains comfortable and protected (96%). Sounds promising? It gives immediate and 24-hour hydration with an instant mattifying effect and improvement in the glow of the complexion proven by the clinical tests. Often when you come accross a moisturiser as part of what on the surface appears to be a fragrance collection, it’s often the weakest counterpart however in this case, it seems to be one of the strongest. It’s perfect for those oily/combination skin types to be applied right after shaving.

Posted at 16:11 December 17, 2012

I love the L’Occitane brand. I fell in love with the limited edition Sorbet Verbena range this Summer.

Ali x

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