L’Occitane Bonne Mère

So you can obviously tell where I’ve been shopping this week, but I’ve been really desperate to try the new L’Occitane Bonne Mère range.

The range is marketed as Everyday Gentle Skincare – for even the most sensitive skin and being completely paraben free. The range has two variations, the first is the traditional soapy scent, and the other adds a touch of honey. I can’t argue with it being more for everyday, as the prices are fairly low, for L’Occitane that is! You can buy over half a litre of the body wash, in a pump dispenser for £22 – it’s huge.

The line-up also includes a moisturiser for face, body and hands (wouldn’t be too up on using it on the face in all honesty) at £14 and a creamy liquid hand soap for £13.

I have their enormous L’Occitane Bonne Mère soap (see below) which lasts truly forever with a gorgeous, traditional soapy scent.

So I bought the beautiful gift pictured at the top, the Gentle Bathtime Collection, for just a tenner when you spend £25 in store, and seeing as though I’d gone in to the L’Occitane store to get Mother Manface’s Immortelle Divine Eyes, I thought I’d take advantage of this super offer.

It comes in a mini tin-bath, which I’ve not decided on how I’m going to use yet, but needless to say, it’s going on display. Firstly you get the L’Occitane Hand Cream, I don’t really need to say much about that, other than, if you’ve not tried it before, try it! There’s then both the Milk and Honey body washes as well as the Bonne Mère Honey Soap.

The L’Occitane Bonne Mère Honey Body Wash is thick and creamy, lathering into a beautifully smooth, well, lather! L’Occitane’s honey scent has always been one of my favourites, it has a sort of incense undertone to it, giving what can sometimes be an overpowering and sickly sweet scent, into something with beautiful subtlety and depth. Your skin is left feeling squeaky clean but not dry and dehydrated. The soap is very hard milled so doesn’t soften and disintegrate in an instant, but soaps up and has the same delectable fragrance to match.

The Bonne Mère Milk Body wash has that great soapy scent, whilst being slightly sweet and light. Again it gives a delicious lather and a great feeling of clean!

If you want to try this out, get yourself into a L’Occitane store and get this offer grabbed and just as I was, you may be treated to a little Verbena Tea whilst you find what to spend your qualifying £25 on (that won’t be hard, trust me).

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