Firstly… Hurrah! This is my 100th Post! Now just to fill you in BB creams are blemish balms yaddah yaddah, created by Dr. Christine Schrammek blah blah, read the review and history of them here in my old post, but they are the best thing in the world for men! Why you ask? Well because they all tend to be oil free, balance skin tone and give skin its glow back all whilst offering good daily sun protection. Back on the 24th August last year I made a little prediction, that BB creams were going to be big. We were starting to see them on the horizon and I think Garnier just broke the market with theirs, which in all honesty is not great due to shade limitations. Clinique had just brought there’s over as a travel exclusive but were seeming to be buying their time and testing the waters. Then. BOOM!

Kiko BB 1

Kiko BB 5

So more or less every company under the sun has a BB cream and during my trip to Barcelona, I popped into a Kiko store, kind of a groovy stand alone store with makeup and skincare and low and behold, they had just brought out their own.

They’ve utilised this new technology that seems to be rearing its head in a lot of products that when the product touches the skin, it changes colour due to heat and more accurately matches itself to your skin and is therefore different on everyone. I’m not 100% sure what this is and by god I’ve looked and find limited info, so If any of you know, drop me a comment. They describe it as this:

A “transforming” emulsion that amazes on the first touch: white like a cream, it contains special micro-encapsulated pigments that chromatically react upon application to assume the natural skin tone. The motion made during its application causes the “rupture” of the pigments’ coating, revealing a shade of foundation that is able to adapt perfectly to the specific tone of each complexion.

So you squeeze some of the lotion into your finger tips and then massage straight into the skin, the white product then starts to change colour and it really did match to my very pale skin tone. Its oil free and did a great job of keeping my skin looking matte and the SPF was warmly welcomed in the Spanish sun. The finish was completely undetectable, even really close up there was no possible way you could tell I had this thing on, but my skin looked more balanced and dramatically brighter!

Kiko BB 3

Kiko BB 4

The product lasted all day and despite my face’s best efforts, it didn’t sweat off. It felt very comfortable on the skin, but I will say that you will want to apply a moisturiser underneath if your skin is a little drier. The product is paraben free as well as hypoallergenic which means that all known allergens have been removed from the product, helping to ensure that you don’t react, there is a slight fragrance but this disappears straight away and is by no means really noticeable.

As far as BB creams go, you really must give this a go and for men its a definite. If you’re too embarrassed to go in and buy it, which is understandable as even I, a veteran of makeup counters felt a little out of place, then you can get it off their website. Oh and the price might just sway you on this.

Kiko BB Cream SPF 15 £8.90!/30ml at KIKO Online

Posted at 00:13 April 19, 2013

is there a way to get this for U.S customers ?

    Posted at 23:21 April 22, 2013


Posted at 16:08 April 18, 2013

Hey, first of all, thank you for the review!

I bought some of this the other day on the back of your glowing review, but my results really haven’t matched your experience at all. I’ve found that I have to rub quite vigourously to get the ‘beads’ to burst and to get any pigment colour to come through (I am using Shade 2- Natural). This results in uneven coverage and parts where I want the skin to be a bit more even toned (my nose) requires so much rubbing in it ends up taking off most of the product.

Do you have any tips on application or any other thoughts since using the product more regularly? I’ve tried Garnier’s one as a sampler, which had brilliant coverage for what I wanted, but was far too shiny.

    Posted at 18:50 April 18, 2013

    I’m so sorry to hear about your experience. I feel personally responsible!

    My top tip is to apply the product to your finger ends, rub them together and then ‘pat’ the product into the skin. This I found delivered great even colour and coverage rather than trying to activate the product directly on the skin. The problem with that is as your skin has different hydration, smoothness and oil levels all over, the product beads might not activate all at the same time. Does that make sense?

    Give my tip a try anyway and please let me know how you get on! Thom

    Posted at 14:21 April 19, 2013

    Thank you for your reply Thom.

    I did try your tip – but unfortunately the product ended up just moisturising my fingers. I find the amount of rubbing I have to do to get the pigment to come through is quite high, and makes it very difficult (for me at least) to get any decent coverage at all from it.

    Do you have any other recommendations for similar products that have good coverage but don’t have pigments that need breaking? As I said before, I have tried the Garnier one which worked very well but was a little too shiny – something along those lines would be great.

    Thanks again for all your time and advice!

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