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KIKO City Filter Sunscreen SPF50

KIKO City Filter Sunscreen SPF50

LOVE! The KIKO City Filter Sunscreen SPF50 was sent out to me on the exact morning that all this beautifully hot weather started.

Me and the other half were getting ready to spend a day out in the gorgeous heat with Fish & Chips in the park, and just as we were about to leave, I’d realised neither of us had put on sun protection.

This was in the Jiffy bag sat on the kitchen table, so as we were heading out the door, I grabbed it and shoved it in my bag. When we’d parked up, I whipped it out and slapped it on both of us. Well. What a surprise!

Firstly, it’s 12,90€ (I couldn’t find it on the UK site but if you’re abroad in Europe this summer, you should be able to find it) which for an SPF50 is an excellent. Secondly, it smells of vanilla! Thirdly it’s very hydrating, and even though on first contact it feels like it’s going to be too heavy and rich, it sank into our oily/combination skin like a dream. Finally, it’s paraben free, non-comedogenic and is completely invisible.

I’m a bit in love with KIKO; a great budget yet high-performance skincare, bodycare and makeup brand. You can check out my other posts on products from KIKO here.

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