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Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar

Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar Liverpool Store Front Cropped Reduced

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Yesterday I spent the entire day in Liverpool at the new Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar. This is the destination for everything beauty and grooming related, with every imaginable service on offer from hairstyling to skincare and tanning to Botox. If you want to immerse yourself in a day of luxury and pampering, you’re in the right place.

Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar Liverpool Floor List
Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar Liverpool Escalator
Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar Liverpool Bannister Accent

Beauty Bazaar isn’t just a name, it’s a perfect description of the entire store environment with something unique, striking and interesting everywhere you look. Every attention to detail has been made with mirrors everywhere you could want them and striking accents that tow the line of the Harvey Nichols brand. The store feels very open, despite being so concentrated with luxury brands and products.

Because it’s not a department store, there seems to be less need for staff to try and maniacally drive sales from through-traffic as people would usually cross from one department to the next; if you’re here, you’re here for beauty, therefore the environment is much calmer with no whiff of sales desperation in the air.

All the staff look amazing and really showcase their talents. Not only do the staff look great but it seems Harvey Nichols have handpicked the best experts as everyone I spoke to were both knowledgable and passionate about their respective brands.

Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar Liverpool Beauty Mart
Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar Liverpool Glamglow and Glamglow Supermud
Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar Liverpool Beyond Beauty

The two sections that really caught my eye were the Beauty Mart and a full-blown, king-sized Beyond Beauty. Beyond Beauty is a concession available in most of the Harvey Nichols stores, featuring many of the brands you’d only be able to find in Space.NK or online with the likes of Dr. Huschka, REN and Clarisonic et al. The Beauty Mart, as well as featuring hard-to-find and unusual brands, has products for every price point, from Vaseline lip-tins on one bay to my favourite face mask of them all, Glamglow, on the next.

Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar Liverpool Fragrance Library
Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar Liverpool Francis Kurkdjian

In the Fragrance Library, you’ll find almost every fragrance you can think of. I had palpitations when I found Francis Kurkdjian, one of my favourite fragrance brands, finally being sold outside of London. You’ll find select, niche brands as well as your travel and Duty Free favourites. It is worth pointing out that even though Harvey Nichols is a luxury retailer, the prices are very much inline with the likes of Boots and The Perfume Shop; no inflated price tags here.

Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar Liverpool James Read Studio
Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar Liverpool Tanning Price List
Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar Liverpool Strip Wax Salon

Above the shop floor, you’ll discover the Beauty Bazaar spa. With Tanning from James Read and Fake Bake, Waxing from Strip Wax and cosmeceutical treatments at Dr. Karidis’ MediSpa.

Strip Wax was a brand that really caught my attention. Guys wax, well, some of us do, but I personally prefer a body shaver as what’s the thing that most guys are scarred of? The pain. Strip Wax is a special wax that pulls the hair and not the skin. Not only does this reduce the pain and discomfort, but it prevents skin trauma which can often lead to ingrown hairs and waxing rash.

From a back wax to The Full Athlete, there’s nowhere they won’t leave soft and silky smooth. Not only that, but you can choose to be waxed in the chocolate-themed room, with chocolate wax, whilst watching Sex And The City (come on, that’s every guy’s guilty pleasure).

Tanning at the Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar isn’t just the usual ‘get in there and get going’. You’ll be invited to sit down for a full consultation to discover what you want from your colour as well as determining your exact skin type. As I’m sure James Read would tell you himself, tanning is a fine art.

Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar Liverpool MediSpa
Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar Liverpool MediSpa Accents
Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar Liverpool HydraFacial MD
Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar Liverpool HydraFacial MD Treatment Room

Onto the Dr. Karitis Medispa. Here you’ll find your more technical, cosmetic treatments with both procedural and electrical from Botox to Non-Surgical Lipo in a fabulously luxurious, clinical environment. Here I was booked in for a HydraFacial with Glysal Peel (£160).

The treatment starts with a full cleanse and then straight into vacuum application of salicylic acid and glycolic acid. These chemical exfoliants are blasted onto the skin and instantly sucked away, delivering the same efficacy of microdermabrasion but without the unnecessary skin trauma. After, any areas needing manual extraction are then worked on (basically any blackheads are pulled out).

After the extractions, the skin is then coated with a layer of glysal, a composition of both glycolic and salicylic acid. This is left on the skin for around 7 minutes where you’ll feel a warm tingling sensation. The mask is then neutralised and removed.

Finally, one of my favourite hydrating ingredients, hyaluronic acid, is layered onto the skin, instantly restoring lost moisture and penetrating hydration deep into the skin.

To finish, a light gel treatment, serum and then a barrier repairing moisturiser are layered onto the skin with a little SPF after that. I was expecting to look in the mirror and see a total horror-show, but no, my skin looked incredible. I can honestly say that out of all the products I have ever used, I have never seen my skin look so good. Have a look, it was and still is so fresh!

Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar Liverpool Wow Bar

The food! After my treatment, I went for lunch at the Wow bar. Now at the moment, I’m on a health kick as I’ve put on a little weight, so have begun an intensive workout of weights, cardio and healthy eating. Now as a rule I pretty much hate salad but the chicken caesar I had was beyond delicious. The leaves were fresh, the chicken was cooked to perfection with delicious dressing and sliced parmesan, all accompanied with a glass of Prosecco.

I was left feeling full but not ‘bleurgh’ and overindulged. The Wow bar is elegant and decadent, focusing on good drinks, light bites and clean, Harvey Nichols-esque style. You would definitely find Eddie and Patsy here on lunch.

Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar Liverpool Bling Eyebrow Bar

Onto my eyebrows. Now, I have big eyebrows. They’re great, big, whopping beasts that take a lot of controlling, but I hate ‘over-groomed’ brows on guys, there’s just something that doesn’t look right about it. Therefore I was worried about having my brows threaded for the first time as I’ve always thought this would result in them looking ridiculous.

After 20 minutes laid back in the chair, my eyebrows had been expertly shaped whilst looking unquestionably natural. It was a little more uncomfortable than waxing, but the result both lasts longer and looks better.

Bliñk, who it’s fair to say are the leaders in retail threading, offer a full menu of service, each finished with a light head neck massage. It’s this level of service that despite the Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar being a fair distance from where I live, will undoubtedly bring me back again and again.

Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar Liverpool Jo Malone
Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar Liverpool Origins
Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar Liverpool The Organic Pharmacy
Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar Liverpool Creme De La Mer

It’s definitely worth a trip to the Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar whether you’re local or not. Set in the beautiful new Liverpool One district, you’re in shopping heaven. I spent around 5 hours in the store and to be honest, probably could have stayed longer. Their full list of services is available to read here and you can give them a call to arrange what I felt was an unforgettable pamper day.

For guys who are unsure of beauty, maybe wanting to take their first step, you’ll honestly find no better place. At the Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar, you’re cocooned in a house of experts who seem genuinely interested in you and not your wallet.

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