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The world of haircare can be confusing. It’s one of the most over-saturated markets of the beauty and grooming industry with every brand professing to have the answers yet each taking a completely different, and sometimes ridiculous, route.

You want it to look great but also function and feel great. That’s why in my haircare reviews on MANFACE, I take the same approach to hair as I do to skin. I try as hard as possible to avoid haircare filled with silicons and ingredients that only synthetically affect the appearance of hair whilst actually causing it damage.


A fine Hindi word and the foundation of any good haircare regime. It’s important for your shampoo to deeply cleanse without drying out your hair and scalp. Just like with your skin, a dry scalp can lead to irritation and flakiness. My personal favourite Shampoos tend to be LUSH and The Body Shop. I wrote an article that matches the right shampoo to your hair type; it’s worth a read.

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Conditioner is the most underused product by men. This extra step is the difference between good hair and bad hair; full hair and damaged hair. Just as it’s important to moisturise your face, it’s important to moiusturise your hair.

There are many varying strengths and types of conditioners but always make sure you go for something that doesn’t contain silicons and dimethicone etc. Why? These ingredients artificially block the damaged segments of the hair shaft and give theĀ appearance of strength and health whilst not repairing anything.

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Hair Styling

An often confusing world of products with waxes, lotions, creams, gels, clays, sprays and pomades but to name a few. Getting the right product for your hair type is just as important as the right product for your chosen style.

Thicker, darker hair tends to respond better when treated with a blow-dry lotion or pre-styler with a wax or clay product. Finer hair tends to also respond well to blow-dry products but with something lighter to finish like a pomade. But whatever style you choose, you can’t go wrong with a good paddle brush and a quality hair spray.

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Hair and Hair Loss Treatments

From extreme dryness to hair loss, hair can go through extremes. This can be caused by lifestyle, health and even your genes. Hair oils and masks are great to restore dry and damaged hair, particularly if you use a lot of styling products and heat. Oils and masks are also good for the scalp.

Hair loss is a totally different kettle of fish. Hairloss is usually genetic although can be thinned due to extreme dryness and scalp damage (I’m discounting obvious health problems here). It’s caused by the hormone DHT, which causes the follicles to shrink and in some cases, shut down completely. Once the pores have shrunk or shut down, there is currently no way to re-activate them again; regardless of what a brand might tell you. However, there are products such as Alpecin which reduce the amount of DHT in the skin and can slow down the process.

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